Active speakers of all kinds

The active speaker already has an integrated amplifier. All that is needed is power and a source device.[more]
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Active speakers

are now an integral part of the world of sound reinforcement. They represent the perfect connection between amplifier and loudspeaker. Advancing digitalization has made revolutionary developments possible in this area in recent years. The integration of digital signal processors is one of the most important innovations. They offer the opportunity to perfectly tune the entire system acoustically. FIR filters in particular are increasingly being integrated into electronics and enable a listening experience that is difficult to achieve with conventional technology. Another advantage is the extremely efficient protection circuits that protect against overload, overheating and direct current and are already included in many active speakers. The integrated limiters make it possible to maintain a pristine sound even when overloaded.

Active PA boxes

as the name suggests, are already activated by default. They have an integrated amplifier, eliminating the need to use a separate amplifier or power amplifier. In addition, these active speakers have already been coordinated by the manufacturer in advance, which enables problem-free commissioning. The combination of amplifier and speaker in a single device offers the practical advantage of greater portability. Many PA active speakers are even equipped with built-in carrying handles or wheels, which further increases mobility. For unrestricted outdoor use, we also stock PA active speakers that have been specially developed for outdoor use. However, it should be noted that in the event of a defect, the entire device will need to be replaced, which may be more costly compared to passive PA boxes. In addition, they require their own power connection. The connection options vary considerably depending on the model of our active PA speakers. Many of them offer RCA and XLR inputs and outputs and are even equipped with connections for wireless microphones and a PA output (Speakon). Some also have classic jack inputs and outputs. The most modern of our PA active speakers even allow USB sticks, SD cards or iPods to be connected. This means that our PA active speakers can be easily connected to almost any common audio source.

So why active PA speakers?

They cover a wide range of application areas. PA active speakers with ABS housings are ideal for outdoor use as they are shockproof and lightweight. However, if you prefer an attractive look, we recommend our white RCF PA active speakers, which fit perfectly in clubs, bars and lounges thanks to their modern design.

For flawless performance

Our active speakers get your message across loud and clear. Installation is very easy: just plug it in, start it and enjoy first-class audio quality. At MSV Music Center we have a wide selection of active speakers from leading brands. Each speaker is designed to take the stage in no time without the need for external amplifiers or crossovers. Active box