Snow Machines of All Kinds

At the press of a button, the snow machine shoots a generous amount of white flakes into the room.

Quietly, the snow falls

- exactly where you choose. With a professional snow machine from MSV Musik Center, you can create a winter landscape indoors and outdoors. Our effect devices will convince you!

A Year-Round Winter Landscape

Quietly, the snow falls, and the tiny crystals create a winter-ready atmosphere and a magical white backdrop. Normally, this scene is experienced only during the winter months. But the solution for a year-round snow cover at the press of a button is a snow cannon. This winter machine produces lifelike artificial snow whenever you need those white flakes. But how is artificial snow created? The devices contain so-called nucleators that create a mixture of water and compressed air. This mixture ensures that snow nuclei form when released. Simultaneously, water is sprayed into tiny droplets that combine with the snow nuclei and ultimately transform into ice crystals.

Where Snow Falls from the Snow Cannon

Snow cannons are used as special effect machines and are, of course, part of our product range. For example, on the theater stage, a winter fairy tale enchants the audience only when the stage set is appropriately designed. An authentic winter landscape naturally requires snow - in this case, artificial snow from the snow cannon. Artificial snow also falls in nightclubs and at other events where a wintery atmosphere is desired. With our snow machines, you can plan fantastic winter events.