Clamps and hooks

Truss hooks, coupler and clamps for secure attachment

There are different ways to attach different elements to your truss structure. Here you will find clamps and hooks for trusses, with which you can either build your constructions from the stable supports or securely fasten lights, stage equipment and technology.

TOP BRANDS of clamps and hooks


What do I use truss hooks and clamps for?

Depending on the function and project requirements, you can choose between one, two, three and four-point trusses. Each of them has its special area of application. Truss hooks and clamps are used wherever individual components are connected, devices and technology are fixed or stage elements are added. With truss clamps and hooks you attach all other components safely, quickly and reliably to the belt bars.

What types of truss hooks are there?

The category of hooks includes various helpers that you can choose according to your needs. With theater hooks you install moving heads or light effect devices on trusses with different diameters. If you need a particularly high load capacity, the clamps are the right thing. If particularly fast handling is important, it is best to use self-lock hooks.

half clemps
We carry a wide range of half clamps for fastening a wide variety of components. You choose depending on the tube diameter, load capacity and design. With our TÜV-tested half clamps, you can also subsequently attach elements, components and technology safely and reliably. The large wing nuts allow assembly in no time at all. Half clamps for trusses have a very high load capacity - they have a tensile force of up to 750 kg.

double clamps
Double clamps are particularly secure fasteners for trusses, rods and pipes. They can withstand loads of up to 750 kg.

With clamps such as the universal Super Clamps you have the fastest and most versatile helpers in trade fair and stage construction at hand. The individual pieces are used for lightning-fast assembly of accessories on trusses, tubes and rods. Like strong claws, they wrap themselves around rods of different diameters. The required screws, wing nuts, snap rings or washers are included in the scope of delivery.

You can find wing nuts in various shapes and materials, TV spigots for tripods and much more with us. All the accessories you need to add to your truss construction project.