Electric Violins

The electric violin, or e-violin for short, is a string instrument whose tone is amplified electrically. "Electric violin" usually refers to a stringed instrument with a solid body of any shape, i.e. a massive string carrier that does not serve as a resonance body, but rather transmits the string vibrations to an electric pickup. In addition, "electric violin" can also refer to an acoustic violin whose tones are amplified electrically. Electric violins are mainly used outside of classical music in many genres, including rock or metal bands, jazz and fusion. An electric violin often has a special appearance that differs from that of a classic violin. Since the generation of the sound is no longer necessarily tied to the body of the instrument, it can be built artistically and in a variety of ways. For example, there are models in the shape of an “S”. On the other hand, other models look almost like acoustic violins, only with recesses on each side, so that the instrument appears very slim and powerful. Electric violins are mainly used as experimental instruments in contemporary music.