Drums & Percussion

The large family of 'Drums & Percussion' offers great joy for everyone, for young and old, old and young. Should it be the classic acoustic drums or the modern e-drum for beginners. Percussion for big and small hands. Music that everyone can play. You can also find a large selection of accessories and spare parts directly in the MSV Music Center or here in the MSV Online Shop.


Voggy’s Boomwhacker-School + CD
The colored fun tubes! Boomwhackers are the ideal instruments for playing instruments in the group. In the nursery school, in school with friends at home or away: the colored sound tubes arrange an intuitive access to the music, identically whether one plays an instrument or not. On the contrary, they make appetite for more and are suitable for the musical early education excellently. –Die colored fun tubes! Boomwhackers are these ideally learn with many suggestions and examples to know the children the fascinating world of the music in this school. Fast successes get the joy in playing instruments and put a solid basis for a later occupation with music.


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Boomwhackers - How to start, ganz einfache Einstiege
Boomwhackers - How To Startvon Andreas von Hoff44 Seiten mit Begleit-CDKlassenmusizieren leicht gemacht!Mit diesem Band können Sie ohne großen Vorbereitungsaufwand sofort mit der ganzen Klasse musizieren! Hierzu reicht es, eines der farbigen Arbeitsblätter an die Tafel zu pinnen, die Boomwhackers austeilen - und schon kann's los gehen!Schüler ab 7 Jahren verstehen das verwendete Notationsformat nach bereits wenigen Minuten. In einfachen Lernschritten werden sie vom gleichmäßigen Zusammenspiel zum rhythmisch-melodischen Ensemble geführt. Erlernt und vertieft werden Viertel- und Achtelnotenwerte im 4/4 Takt sowie einfache Songstrukturen von beliebiger Länge. Das Musizieren mit Boomwhackers zieht einfach jeden Schüler in den Bann! Die Umsetzung der Rhythmusvorgaben ist kinderleicht!Mit Begleitarrangements zum Sommerhit '54, '74, '90, 2010 von den Sportfreunden


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Sonor AQX Studio Set Black Midnight Sparkle
AQX seriesStudio configurationShell material: poplarColor: Black Midnight Sparkle (BMS)Incl. DTH 2000 tom holderBoiler configuration:20 "x 16" bass drum with bass drum rosette10 "x 07" Tom Tom12 "x 08" Tom Tom14 "x 13" stand tom14 "x 5.5" snare drum5-part AQX hardware set:Single foot machineSnare standHi-hat standstraight cymbal standGallows basinSonor B8 bronze cymbal set:20 "ride16 "crash14 "hi-hat


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Remo Drum Head Diplomat 12 "Snare Drum Transparent resonance
Remo Drum Head Diplomat 12 "Snare Drum Transparent resonancePly 2-mil Mylar filmquick response


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RAIKA marching book SET blue with 25 covers
Marching book Set1x Marching book cover Raika (Front and Back) and 2x ringsincl. card to labelColor: Blue+ 25x Raika coversSize: 130 x 185 mm


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DIMAVERY DDS-Snaresticks, oak
DIMAVERY DDS-Snaresticks, oakHigh grade drumsticks Marching drumsticksWood Tip Material oak


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DIMAVERY DFM-500 Bass Drum Pedal
DIMAVERY DFM-500 professional Bass Drum Pedal Easy double round chain page Base plate Lateral stop screw for a better using


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Paiste Crash Cymbal 16" PST7
Alloy: CuSn8 bronze, also called bronze in 2002Application: Game situations in all volumes - Live and occasional home studio recordings - All music stylesSound: bright, crisp, energetic, powerful and cutting with clarity, warmth and tonal definitionhandcrafted in Switzerland


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MEINL TA2AB wood-tambourine, steel bells 10" 2-Row
MEINL TA2AB wood-tambourine with steel bells 10", 2-rowAvailable as 1-row or 2-row model, offers the wood tambourines with his steel bells a assertive, light sound,SpecificationenDiameter: 10" Material: wood boilerNickel silver covered steel Special: steel bells2-row Colour: African Brown


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Meinl TMB Bongo Stand
Professional bongo standMaterial: chromed plated steelFits all common bongosPadded T-shaped tubeFully height- and angle adjustable Double braced tripod legsHeight: 80 cm - 134 cmInclluding:Allen wrench Memory lock


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Alesis Nitro Extentionspack
Drum and Cymbal Expansion for Nitro MeshNitro Mesh Expansion PackUnlock the true power of your Alesis Nitro Mesh with this expansion pack that includes everything needed to add an additional drum and cymbal to your kit.FeaturesPremium drum and cymbal pad for natural feel and ultra-quiet responseAll connectors and mounting hardware included for “plug and play compatibility with Alesis Nitro MeshPackage Contents(1) 10-inch cymbal pad w/choke(1) 8-inch dual-zone mesh drum pad(2) 6 1/4-inch TRS cablesAll drum pad and cymbal mounting hardware


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TAMA Imperialstar IE58H6W-HLB Set Hairline Blue incl. cymbals
Drum kit of the Imperialstar seriesIE58H6W-HLB Shells made of 6-ply, 8 mm thick poplar woodWrap finished shellschrome plated shell hardwareBassdrum with wooden bandsNew Tom holdersColor: Hairline BlueShell configuration:18 "x 14" bass drum10 "x 7" Tom Tom12 "x 8" Tom Tom14 "x13" Floor Tom14 "x 5" snare drumincl. 5-piece double-braced hardware set, consisting of:straight cymbal standCymbalboomstandHi-Hat standBass drum pedalDrummer seatincl. 14-16-20 MCS cymbal set


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Agogo CLUB SALSA Metal
MetalColour: blackMountable at 3/8 rod2 tones: low and high pitched


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Sonor KS40 L single tone e2 Masterclass Chime Bars
Sonor KS40L master class Chime Bars tenor alto metal single e2 without mallets


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Meinl U-500 Universal Singing Bowl
Meinl SB-U-500 Universal Singing BowlSize: 12.5 -13 cmWeightt: 470 - 520 gHandcrafted masterpieceSpecial bronze alloyIdeal for yoga and meditationincludes corresponding cover and felt ringEngraved logoMade n India


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RockBag RB 22766 B Cajon Dust Cover
RockBag RB 22766 B Dust Cover Cajon Cajon Cover 47 x 31 x 30 cm / 18:50 "x 20.12" x 11.81 " features: - Outside material: black nylon RokTex - Inside lining: black velvet - Padding top: 10 mm / 0.39 "padding on the sides: 5 mm / 0.2" - RockBag printed logo, silver - Inner Dimensions: 31.0 x 47.0 x 30.0 cm / 12.2 "x 18.5" x 11.8 "(hole diameter: 12 cm / 4.7")


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MEINL TA1A-AB woodtambourine, aluminium bells 10"
MEINL TA1A-AB wood tambourine with aluminium bells, 10", 1-rowWood tambourines with aluminium bells sounds very soft and discreet. Easy weight allows comfortable and accurate play.SpecificationsDiameter: 10" Material: wood boilerAluminium Specials: 1-row Colour: African Brown


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Paiste Crash Cymbal RUDE 18" Wild
Paiste Crash Cymbal RUDE 18" Wildcalled CuSn8 Bronze , 2002 Bronze also : AlloyApplication: Medium to loud game situation - Live and studio recordingsSound: rough, lively, bright , energetic with heavy central overtones and powerful , penetrating sound frequencies


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Meinl Percussion Face Shaker - Happy
Start your next performance or recording with the MEINL Happy Face Shaker!The shaker is bright yellow and has a "happy face design"Material: ABS plasticDiameter 6 cm


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Crishwick Conga Set multi color 10 " + 11" incl. stand
Crishwick Conga Set multi color10 "+11 " incl. standspecifications:Diameter: 10 "+11 "Height: 28 "Color: multi color (artistic printing)Material: high quality, dried China Maple8 mm strong tuning lugshardware:black powderHand selected buffalo headsincluding:Height adjustable standtuning wrench


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Drums & Percussion

Acoustic Drums
Acoustic Drums consists of drum shells covered with plastic heads and cymbals (metal washers). The cymbals and drums are mounted on stands or are attached with brackets so that they are easily accessible. The drums are played with wooden sticks. Instead of sticks you can also play with "brooms" or "rods" to add that special something to the sound of the rhythm. There is no such thing as THAT drums. The drum kit components can be varied and adapted to the player so that everyone can play the drum kit that is right for them. The drums vary from a small diameter, well suited for studios, to large drums, perfect for the more powerful stage.

The big advantage of an electronic drum kit, or e-drum for short, is that it basically has no built-in speakers and can therefore be played very quietly. Only the beating noises can be heard. In contrast, with acoustic drums, the volume is very dominant. Some e-drum models can also be positioned to save space. Instead of skins, silicone pads are used on the e-drum. Depending on the price range, these can vary greatly in terms of quality and touch dynamics. So-called mesh heads are special drum heads that are used on well-equipped e-drums to improve the feel of the drum.

Here you will find a large selection of rhythmic instruments. Large percussion instruments such as cajons, djembes and congas as well as small percussion; Cowbells, shakers, kalimbas, hand drums and much more

Orff Instruments
Orff instruments include glockenspiels, xylophones, metallophones and chime bars

Marching & Concert
Here you will find a large selection of marching instruments. In addition to the large and small drums and marching cymbals, you will also find numerous accessories in our range, such as suitable professional carrying systems, marching holders, mallets and our high-quality marching books and marching sleeves.