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Digitech Whammy DT


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Fender Malibu Special All Mahogany, Natural


Immediately available or ready for collection
Pro Natura classical guitar with pickup Silver 4/4 Size


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Pick Boy Pick Carbon Nylon 0,88


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BOSS DS-1W Distortion effect pedal


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Dunlop Pick Tortex Fins 1.00 blau


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TUSQ PQ-9280-C0 - Acoustic Guitar Saddle, Flat, Compensated, 1/8" thick


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Nylon Guitar Strap 5 cm wide, blue Flashes Skulls


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MXR M148 Micro Chorus Effectpedal


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RoseFounden Classic guitar 4/4 Spruce Solid/Mahogany


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Gewa Premium Guitar Gigbag blue 4/4 classic


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Gewa Premium Gigbag black for E-Bass


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Guitar footstool red


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Yamaha PAC212VFM-CBR Pacifica E-Guitar


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Pro Natura classical guitar silver 7/8 size maple


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Takamine GD30CE-12NAT Acoustic Guitar


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K&M 146/7 Footrest, black


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Special Edition Custom Telecaster FMT HH, Laurel Fingerboard, Black Cherry Burst


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D'Addario CT-17 RD Eclipse Tuner Red


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Takamine GC5CE-NAT Classic Guitar Natural


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Which guitar is right for me?

Concert guitars
The concert guitar is an acoustic guitar, strung with nylon strings. It is also called the Spanish guitar or the classical guitar. The concert guitar is used in classical music, on the one hand, or in flamenco, Spanish music - although these are of course always only basic directions. The concert guitar is also popular in folk music or around the campfire.
Compared to electric guitars or western guitars, a concert guitar has a relatively wide fingerboard. That, paired with the soft nylon strings, makes the concert guitar an ideal guitar for beginners. The 3 high strings of the concert guitar - the G, the B and the high e string - are made entirely of plastic (nylon). The three low strings of the classical guitar - the low E, the A string and the D string - also have a nylon core, but are still wound with thin metal wire.

Western guitars
A western guitar is an acoustic guitar with steel strings. It is also called a folk guitar and has a narrower neck than a concert guitar. So that this neck can withstand the stronger tension of the steel strings, a steel rod is mounted in it, which enables the bending of the neck to be adjusted on the western guitar. Due to the steel strings and their construction, acoustic guitars have a penetrating, silvery clear sound. They are great for accompanying songs and also as a background instrument in a band.
Western guitars are at home in music genres such as country, rock, folk and blues. They are available in different designs in terms of body size and neck shape. Especially when it comes to the body size, a distinction is made between acoustic guitars with a large body - e.g. the so-called "dreadnoughts"

Electric guitars
In contrast to the acoustic guitar, the electric guitar has one or more pickups - engl. Pickups - as well as other electronics such as volume and tone controls installed on the body, which amplify the sound electrically.
For the sound you also need an amplifier, which is connected to the electric guitar by means of a cable and makes the signal audible.
There are basically purely acoustic guitars, purely electric guitars - and of course everything in between
Semiacoustic guitars are also called semi-acoustic or semi-resonance guitars. These instruments have a hollow body with resonance openings (F-holes) into which a solid block has been set, which usually extends from the base of the neck to the rear strap button.

Electric basses
The bass is a four-stringed instrument. Its body resembles that of a guitar. Unlike the acoustic bass, the electric bass does not use the body as a resonance body, which is why it is usually made from one piece of solid wood. The basic sound changes depending on the mass.
The bass guitar and the electric bass are instruments that are particularly used in popular light music. While the acoustic bass is relatively rare and is sometimes used in folk and folklore, an electric bass is indispensable in pop and rock music.

Acoustic basses
The plucked instrument is shaped like a guitar, but is strung with thicker strings and, as an acoustic instrument, has a larger body. With the acoustic bass guitar, the sound comes from the body, which has an opening under the strings. The sound can be picked up electrically or with a microphone. It is used partly in folk and folklore.