12 String Guitar

The twelve-string guitars are very special pieces among the western guitars. As a rule, there are 12-string guitars only as western guitars - they are rarely found as concert guitars. That means: steel sides, arched fingerboard, reinforced top and bottom beams and usually a neck tension bar. Incidentally, the neck of a 12-string guitar is only a little wider than that of a 6-string model. A twelve-string guitar is also called a “six-course guitar” in musical terminology (each of the six sides forms a “choir” sound due to the additional string). With the 12-string guitar you play the same way as with the 6-string - only you always press 2 strings at the same time. In addition to each of the 6 strings, a further (thinner string) is stretched on the 12-string guitar, which is played at the same time. The sound is brighter, silvery and significantly fuller than with the six-string guitars.