The plectrum ("pick" or "plectron") is probably the smallest part of a guitarist's equipment - and after the guitar, it is also the most personal. A pick is a small, flat plate made of plastic or other material such as wood, plexiglass, metal, horn or bone. It is held between the index finger and thumb of the beating hand and used to strike or pluck the guitar strings. In addition to the flat, teardrop-shaped pick, there are also special shapes such as the “thumb pick” or the “finger pick”. These are placed on the thumb or fingers and virtually replace the fingernails. On the one hand, you use the pick to protect the fingers of the striking hand. There are also sound reasons: Different picks have a very typical sound, just like playing with your fingers and fingernails. And depending on which sound you want to achieve, you just take a plate - or pluck or strike the guitar strings with your fingers. And then there are also a lot of playing techniques that are only possible with a tile. This is especially important with the electric guitar, because most rock guitar techniques are playing techniques that involve the use of a pick.