Sliders and Bottlenecks

Since the bottleneck slides over the strings while playing, the playing technique is also called slide. The range of sliders / bottlenecks is huge! You have the choice between bottlenecks made of metal, Plexiglas or glass. There are many different sizes and shapes, long ones for the whole finger and short ones that only cover part of the finger, those that are modeled on the original bottle necks (which e.g. Derek Trucks swears by), or bottlenecks that are only completely closed in one place so that they can be worn like a ring around the finger and, if necessary, rotated so that they are ready to play. You also have to try out which finger is your favorite slide to play with. The shape and the material later have a great influence on the final sound. Glass sliders generate a pleasantly soft sound. Metal tubes sound much more aggressive, with more sustain.