Keyboards for beginners, returners and professionals

With its extensive possibilities, the keyboard is a great musical instrument for beginners, beginners and professionals. 

The standard keyboard has a smooth-running keyboard with 66 keys (depending on the model, the keyboard is velocity-sensitive). A range of sounds are available, such as different piano sounds and saxophone or guitar sounds, which can be automatically accompanied with a rhythm with simple movements. Beginner keyboards are often equipped with a learning program to help the player. Luminous key keyboards play an interesting role in this.

Buy a keyboard: The best reasons

Am I the right musician for a keyboard?

Should it even be a keyboard instrument or perhaps something completely different? Anyone who asks themselves this question will now find three good reasons why they should rely on the keyboard-equipped all-rounder:

Keyboards are simply incredibly universal.

There is therefore practically no limit to which styles of music can be played on it - or which band position the keyboard player can take.
Keyboards for beginners
are the perfect way to get started with the basics of music in terms of scales, rhythms, octaves and much more - and with the children's keyboard even as part of early musical education. If you learn on a keyboard, you are literally learning the same basics as on a piano - but with more tonal variety.
The keyboard
Not only is it entertaining, it is also perfect for composing thanks to its almost unlimited variety of sounds. Whether it's a new classical piece, electro, metal or even jingles and the like: you can not only try out the tone sequences on the keyboard, but they also sound like the instrument you want.