Pocket Trumpets

The pocket trumpet corresponds to a normal trumpet in terms of its tube length - including its basic tuning - but is more compact; with more frequent tube windings and therefore not to be confused with the similarly small piccolo trumpet. While the overall length of a normal trumpet is approx. 49 cm, a pocket trumpet only reaches approx. 22 cm. This makes it particularly portable and well suited as a beginner's instrument for children. Normal trumpets bring about a large downward weight lever in children, which is difficult to stabilize in terms of strength by those with straight arms, so that they tend to play the normal trumpet at an angle, which is bad for the construction of the attachment. This lever problem is eliminated by the pocket trumpet because the total weight is close to the body with a short lever. The disadvantage is that the pipe length on the first and especially the third valve cannot be changed while playing, which can lead to intonation problems.