Tripods and mounts for music and stage



External + internal stop pin for Lifter Fantek
For Fantek Lifter: FT7045, FT6033, FT6520,FT5323, T118PA, T116, T107, T117, T117PA, T116


delivery time 14 days
Microphone holder diameter=27 - 35 mm
Flexible microphone holder (clip) For microhpnes with d = 27 - 35 mmWith standard-16-mm-inner thread (5/8")


delivery time 14 days
Red triangle including pin for T-107, T-108, T-116, T-117, T-118


delivery time 14 days
Bag black for one microphonestand
Mikrostativtasche schwarz


delivery time 14 days
K&M 23840 Microphone Arm black 3/8" and 5/8" Thread
Table microphone arm with 3/8 "or 5/8" threaded connectionFor recording studios and multimedia workstations with a new, table clamp ( 20 - 51 mm).Microphones with a total weight of up to 0.8 kg can be easily and conveniently aligned and positioned.Material: steelColor: BlackLength: from 460 to 960 mmClamping range: up 20 to 51 mm)Threaded connection; 3/8 "and 5/8"Max. Load capacity: 0.8 kgWeight: 1.38 kg


delivery time 14 days
Light tripoid + t-bar metal black
Lighting stand for mobile useWith T-Bar for up to 4 lighting spotsFor TV-pins up to Ø 17 mmHeight: 1200 - 2500 mmT-Bar: 25 x 25 x 1200 mmLoad Capacity: 14 kgMaterial: SteelSafety: Snap lock holder.


delivery time 14 days
Mounting plate for Fantek Lifter FT-6033, FT-7045, T117PA
For Fantek Lifters FT-6033, FT-7045, T117PA, T118PA, T200PA, T117, T118


Delivery time from 4 to 6 weeks!
rotating arm for screw leveler


delivery time 14 days
Loudspeakerstand adapter with M10 thread
For mounting lighting effects or bars with parcans.For loudspeakerstand with a diameter of 35 mm


delivery time 14 days
Guidance roller for Lifter T-117/T-118 PA Fantek


delivery time 14 days
Counter disc for round base 233/260/260/1
Counter washer for round base Diameter 30x5 M20x1.25


delivery time 14 days
Spigot 28 mm, l=14mm with M12 thread
TV spigot with M10 thread, thread depth 4 cmIncluding screw with M10 thread, screw length 9 cm


delivery time 14 days
bow handle (Crank/Aluminium) Eurolite STW-370


delivery time 14 days
Lifting bar 3 for Lifting Tower T-104 (smallest bar)


Delivery time from 4 to 6 weeks!
K&M 21441 steel adapter sleeve ring lock
steel adapter sleeve attaches to speaker stands with tubing diameter of 35 mmmounts with a locking screwIntegrated unique patented expanding mandrel system which provides a tight and firm fit for the speakerThe moveable plastic splints separate the speaker from the stand creating a vibration-free connectionWeight: 0.7 kgH: 270 mm.


delivery time 14 days
Toggle with toggle nut complete for microphone stand, chrome
K&M Capstan Head chromeFits all K & M tripods with toggleConsisting of a toggle bar and a lock nut


delivery time 14 days
Guide plate deflection metal roller for Lifter T-108


delivery time 14 days
Footcap 20 for l microphone stand 201/9
Footcap for microphone stand K&M- 210/2, 210/9, 210/6, 210/8Diameter 20 mmalso suitable for K&M 118/-Orchestra Music Stands


delivery time 14 days
Guide roller 90 for T-106


Delivery time from 4 to 6 weeks!
DURATRUSS ST-4500P stand
DURATRUSS ST 4500PMaximum load 120kg Minimum load 10kg Maximum height 4500mm Folded height 1600mm Tube diameter 35mmWeight 34kg Foot extension dia. 2000mm Number of sections 3Totally built of high-strength aluminiumLightweight and compactAbsence of steel cables or cords that can break Automatic safety system, no need of security pinsAbsence of knobs or other devices to be tightened to improve stabilitySimple and fast installation opening tripod legsAdjust to any level of height


delivery time 14 days