Woodwind Instruments

The woodwind instrument is an instrument in which the oscillation of the air column is generated by means of an air blade or reed. Typical woodwind instruments are clarinets, saxophones, flutes and recorders
Yamaha HD300 Harmony Director
The Harmony Director HD-300 is one of the specialized educational tools for wind bands.Harmony Director HD-300 can show quickly correct tempo and intonation which is difficult for directors to explain. Through listening sound from HD-300, players can learn their ear and rhythmic sense efficiently. HD-300 will support everybody’s performance to learn fundamental musical technics efficiently and to share the pleasure of music.Specscontrol interfaceKeyboard: 61 keys C scale (with touch response)Panel Controls: Buttons (with tactile feedback), sliders, dialDisplay: LCD (with contrast adjustment)voicesTone Generator: FM Tone Generator, AWM Tone GeneratorNumber of Polyphony (Max.): FM: 8 notes, AWM: 48 notesNumber of Voices: FM: 9 Voices (WOOD, BRASS, ORGAN categories), AWM: 70 Voices (PIANO/OTHERS category, Metronome)Hold: YesfunctionsTransposition: Transpose: 12 semitones, Octave Shift: 4 octavesTemperaments: Temperament: Equal, Pure, Individual Volumes/Pitches, Reference Pitch: 430.0 – 450.3 Hz, Root Key: Automatically detected from keyboard input, lock function availableMetronome: Tempo: 32 - 280 (for quarter notes), Tap tempo input function, Reference note selection: eighth note, quarter note, dotted quarter note, Tempo Memory: 8 memories, Volume control of each note type (by 5 sliders), Pattern selection (All, Alternate)Rhythm Style: 9 rhythm stylesRecording/Playback: Microphone: Internal stereo microphone, or commercially available external microphone, Recording Time (max.) 80 minutes (approx. 0.9 GB) for each file, Format: WAV (44.1 kHz, 16 bit, stereo), Time Shift Recording function: YesSound Back: Yes, Sound Back Time Setting (Short/Long)Training: 167 songsOther Settings: Foot pedal function assignment (Volume, Hold, Start/Stop, Rec), Message display language (English, Japanese)Wireless: Bluetooth® Version: 4.2, Supported Profile: A2DP, Functions: Bluetooth Audio, MIDI over BLE, Wireless Output: Bluetooth Class 2, Maximum communication distance: about 10 m (without interference)Amplifier: 3.0W × 3.0WSpeaker: 12cm (6O) × 2ConnectivityDC IN: DC IN 12V jackFoot Pedal: Standard stereo phone jack, dedicated to the FC7Output: standard mono phone jack × 2MIC: Mini stereo phone jack, plug-in powerConnections: USB: TO HOST terminal, TO DEVICE terminalwith Power Supply PA-150BAccessories: Owner’s Manual (this manual), Use Guide, Warranty Information, Online Member Product Registration, *AC adapter (* May not be included depending on your area. Check with your Yamaha dealer.)Color: BlackDimensions: Width 940mm (37") x Depth 317mm (12-1/2") x Height 106mm (4-3/16")Weight: 4.0 kg (8 lbs. 13 oz) (without batteries)


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Note holder case brass 16 mm
Note holder case brass 16 mm


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Plaschke Ocarina concert blue C-tuning 16 cm terracotta
Ocarina in C tuning 16 cm long Terracotta, glazed blue Easy response, pure mood with fingering chart


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VSM A300 Alto Saxophon, Eb
Beginner Eb alto saxophone by VSM Paris Supplied in a practical case with mouthpiece. - Key: Eb - Design: body and keys in lacquered brass - Mechanics: high F# key - Plastic thumb rest


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TR2330S Bottom Valve Cap SI-PTD
Bottom valve cap for trumpet and cornet suitable for YCR-4330GS(2), YTR-2330S, YTR-3335S and YTR-4335GS2 silver plated


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VSM CL-400 Bb Clarinet Böhm, ABS
Are you looking for a suitable beginner's clarinet in the Boehm system? The VSM CL400 offers everything an entry-level model needs: - Number of rings : 6 - Number of keys : 17 - Number of drums : 2 - Bass Eb Lever : No - Body material : ABS - Mechanics : silver nickel - Accessories included : case, cap, mouthpiece - Upholstery : leather - System : Bohemian - Tone : Bb - Adjustable thumb rest : No - Twelfth Key : Yes


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VSM FL-400E Flute
The FL400E flute from SML Paris is the ideal entry-level model. Soprano transverse flute in C with closed keys and advanced G Head : silver-nickel Body Material : Silver-Nickel Mechanics : silver nickel Supplied accessories : case Mouthpiece : Silver Nickel


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Aulos C-Tenor Recorder Robin Mod. 211A Baroque fingering
Aulos C-Tenor Recorder Robin Mod. 211A Baroque fingering with double holes Material: synthetic resin Ivory colored mouthpiece and rings Body dark brown 3 parts With removable thumb rest Complete with bag, wiper rod, grease can and fingering chart


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YAMAHA YCL-CSG III Bb-Böhm clarinet
Yamaha YCL CSG III Bb Boehm ClarinetYamaha YCL- CSG III Bb- Clarinet, Custom Series, Boehm system, 18 keys, 6 rings, body, barrel and bell made of best selected grenadilla wood, Eb- lever, silver plated nickel silver mechanism, incl. 5CM Ebonit mouthpiece and case


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Yamaha YRS-302BIII Soprano Recorder, baroque fingering
Yamaha Soprano Recorder in Cbaroque fingering (double hole)ABS plasticdark brown with white ringsincl. bag, little fat cn and a three-piece cleaning rod


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RoseFounden Bb Tenor Saxophone, gold lacquer
RoseFounden Bb Tenor Saxophone The 2001 Y a very well beginner and advanced player model with an unbeatable price performance. It is also suitable for the advanced saxophone player due to the high quality, not developed only for beginners. Our Rose Founden Tenor saxophone stands out due to his easy address and the powerful strong sound. with high F#Material: brass, gold lacquer (simple to care)with high grade waterproof case, color brownengraving on bellhardened steel springswight: 2,5 kgInclusive: - mouthpiece - polishing cloth- large wiper (to remain in the instrument after playing)- 2 x Sax Reeds (strength: 2)- Sax trap - 1 pair glove white - Cork Grease


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Hercules HCDS-460B TraveLite Flute Stand
Hercules Flute StandTravLite seriesTransport in the pedestal of the instrument possibleextremely handyeasy handlingvery easy to transport


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Roy Benson TS-202 Bb Tenor Saxophone
Brass body, brass keysHigh F # -key, H / B-rockerHardened steel springslacqueredMouthpiece, ligature and capWith cleaning cloth and strapLightweight rectangular case with rucksack straps


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Rico Plasticover Alto Sax 4
Strength: 4plastic Coated to resist changes in moisture and climatecoating provides durability and clear toneflexible caneFrench filed for fast responsePrice per piece


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Yamaha Crown YPC-32, YPC-31, YPC-82


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Geipel zither ring made of silver steel size 2
Zither ring Silver steel 2


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Yamaha TS-3CM Custom-Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophone
Yamaha 3C Custom Mouthpiece for Tenor Saxophonemade of ebonitetip opening: 1.6 mmHelps obtain a well-balanced tone over all octaves, for professionals and beginners alike.


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Voggenreiter Flute Master App
Flute Master (app / learning software for recorder)Just learn to play the recorder and read music!With Flute Master, you'll learn the recorder easily and with lots of fun. You play with a real recorder - the app recognizes your sounds through the built-in microphone of your computer, laptops, tablets or smartphones. Among other things, Flute Master includes 30 songs specially composed for the recorder and the lessons, with a story, lovely animations and characters. But you learn with Flute Master not only the recorder playing, but also reading notes and rhythm feeling.Didactic approach:- Innovative learning system for finger positioning and reading- 30 pieces exclusively composed for Flute Master with a didactic background (rock, hip-hop, reggae, classical etc.)- Gradually increasing level of difficulty- Developed in collaboration with students and tested by independent teachers- Play along function for all music pieces for practicing and ear training- Integrated color system for the notation facilitates the reading of notes- For teaching (group or individual lessons) or at home.specifications:- Real-time detection of the instrument via microphone- Operation: Touchscreen or mouse- Recorder fingering: Baroque, German- Available for Windows 7/8/10, iOS (from v.10), Android (from v.5.0, suitable device required) and macOS (from 10.9).- Languages: English, German, Portuguese, Spanish and FrenchNumerous awards:- World's # 1 "Educator's Choice" by Microsoft Partners in Learning- APP of the year from Innteach- APP Me UP - VIP Best APP from Microsoft Portugal- 5 out of 5 stars from TOP Best Apps for Kids


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Vandoren Reeds Alto Saxophone 1,5 Java
Vandoren Reeds Java redAlto Saxophone Intensity: 1,5


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Rico Royal Bb Clarinet 4
strength: 4fast responseideal for classical and jazzpremium cane for consistent response

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Wood Wind Instruments

The saxophone has a relatively wide, strongly conical sound tube with a key system. The saxophone belongs to the family of woodwind instruments, as the sound is generated with the help of a vibrating reed on the mouthpiece. Usually the instrument is hung around the neck on a strap when playing. The alto saxophone and tenor saxophone are most commonly in use. Followed by soprano and baritone saxophone. Due to its size, price and weight, the alto saxophone is well suited as a beginner's instrument or as a beginner's instrument for children. In addition, the high notes do not require an overly strong approach and the low notes do not require too much air.

The clarinet is a woodwind instrument where the mouthpiece is equipped with a simple reed. Of the wind instruments, the clarinet has by far the largest range - with around 4 octaves. There are differently tuned clarinets. The Bb clarinet has the greatest importance in practice.

The flute is one of the woodwind instruments and has a blow hole on the side of the pipe. It is a significant solo as well as orchestral instrument and is widely used in music. For flutes with ring keys (open keys), the fingers close the hole in the key and operate the key. The advantage: the flutist feels the air speed in the fingertips and can correct it better. It requires a more precise finger technique and is beneficial for more precise flute playing. When the keys are closed, the fingers operate the keys and the tone hole is closed. The flute generates the vibrations by blowing over a blowing edge and not through the lips, as is the case with brass instruments.

The recorder is a woodwind instrument that belongs to the group of longitudinal flutes. To generate sound, its head contains a core made of wood or plastic, which only leaves a narrow gap (the core gap) free. Recorders are usually made up of three parts and consist of a head piece, middle piece and foot piece. Sopranino, soprano and alto recorders are also built in two parts, with the middle and foot pieces made in one piece. Large recorders such as tenor, bass and large bass flutes are also built with an angled headjoint. Due to the kink, the instruments "sit" higher on the player's body and are therefore easy to play even for children or adults with short arms. Recorders usually have seven finger holes on the front and one on the back, which also functions as an overblow hole. The two lowest finger holes can be designed as double holes, which makes the relevant semitones easier to play. In the larger recorders, most of the tone holes are closed with keys because of their large gaps.

The oboe is a woodwind instrument with a double reed and a slightly conically drilled tube. The sound is generated with a double reed, which is taken between the inwardly curved lips and blown through with high pressure. The oboe has been a popular solo instrument since the Baroque period, and many composers valued it as the most similar to the human voice in terms of its expressiveness. She also has a permanent place in the orchestra and is therefore the first representative of woodwind instruments alongside the flute and bassoon.

Pan Pipes
The pan pipe consists of a number of tubes which can produce different high tones . With this instrument, a sound is created by directing a stream of air onto a sharp edge and cutting it (cutting edge). The pitch is determined by the length of the vibrating column of air. In the case of the pan pipe, this is done using tubes of different lengths that are bundled into rows. Almost all pan flutes are tuned diatonic and mostly in C major or G major.

Electronic Wind Instruments
Play anytime and spend hours practicing with the digital wind instruments, also known as Wind Controller. Thanks to modern software, these wind Synthesizers are able to imitate a variety of sounds from analog wind instruments. In addition, numerous other effects can be created with the appropriate programs.