Drums & Percussion

The large family of 'Drums & Percussion' offers great joy for everyone, for young and old, old and young. Should it be the classic acoustic drums or the modern e-drum for beginners. Percussion for big and small hands. Music that everyone can play. You can also find a large selection of accessories and spare parts directly in the MSV Music Center or here in the MSV Online Shop.


Meinl HARDCASE Drum Cases Set Rock Fusion 3
Meinl HROCKFUS-3The hard cases made of extra-hard polyethylene are easy to handle due to their low weight and the optimal positioning of the carrying handles while providing maximum flexibility. Besides, the different sizes of cases can be easily stacked on each other, which ensures safe transport of the instrument.Also thought about stopping the cases, the drum cases are slightly bent down. This curvature provides a secure footing, despite the attached at the bottom closure. To keep track of the instruments packed in it, every Hardcase can be labeled.If you want to stow the empty cases, you simply stack them together. So they only need minimal space! Thanks to the waterproof material, the musician does not have to worry about the instruments even in the rain.SPEZIFICATIONS Scope of delivery: Snare Case HN14S 14"Tom Case 10"Tom Case 12"Floor Tom Case 16"Bass Drum Case 22"


delivery time 14 days
NINO89NT Wooden Conga - 8" und 9" - natural
Conga SetDiameter: 8 "and 9"Color: naturalRounded hoops for more comfortHand-selected buffalo headsBlack, powder-coated hardwareIncluding: basket standTuning keyMaterial: rubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)Height: 22 "NINO Congas are especially known for their professional processing in the wooden conga sets. Each set comes with the stand and can therefore be played individually or as a set configuration.The congas can be played standing or sitting and are therefore the perfect congas for kindergarten children.


delivery time 14 days
RockBag RB 22440 B Student Cymbal Bag 56cm
Student Cymbal BagSize: 56cm, 22"RokTex®-Surface material, solid and water restant, blackInner material: black nylon5 mm padding8 mm wide zip with nylon trailerDual stitched double handles3 inside fold divider of solid RokTex® materialOutside bag with zip, suitable for 15" Hi-Hattransparent business card holderDelivery without cymbals


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Sonor SCH 3 Rubber head beater
Sonor SCH 3 Rubber head beaterhardheaddiameter ca. 2 cmlength ca. 18,6 cm


Immediately available or ready for collection
Sonor GTR 10 Triangle 10 cm includes beater


Immediately available or ready for collection
Sonor B-10 bag
Sonor B10 Bag - storage and carrying bag for glockenspiel, fits NG10 glockenspiel


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Paiste PST7 Hihat Cymbal 14" Light
Paiste PST7 Hihat Cymbal 14" Light called CuSn8 Bronze , 2002 Bronze also : AlloyApplication: game situation at all volume levels - Live and occasional home studio recordings - All musical stylesSound : bright, crisp , energetic, powerful and cutting with clarity, warmth and tonal definition


delivery time 14 days
Paiste Marching Cymbal leather pads
hochwertiges LederPaar


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Remo Drum Head 13" Diplomat Clear
Remo 13 " Diplomat ClearThe Clear Diplomat® is Remo’s brightest, most open sounding head due to its single layer of 7.5-mil Mylar® film. They’re known for their bright tones, resonance, and sustain and as resonant (bottom) heads opening up the sound of tom-toms.


delivery time 14 days
PROMARK TXPCW Drumsticks Model Phil Collins
PRO MARK TXPCW Phil Collins SticksSignature ModelAmerican Hickory woodWood Tip, Length: 375 mm,Diameter: 14 mm


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Evans CT15S Drum Head 15" Strata 1000
The Evans Strata 1000 Concert Snare Head offers a layer of 10mil foil with a coating that is very similar to traditional calfskin. The thicker film gives a darker timbre and a warm tone that resembles thicker calfskin.


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Gibraltar Cymbal Arm Long SC-LBRA-BT
Cymbal Arm LongProfessional version


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MEINL ADJ2-L Djembe African Large Water Rhythm Serie + Bag
MEINL ADJ2-L Djembe African Large Water Rhythm Series + BagMeinl Original African Rope Tuned Wood Djembes are made of massive in plantation cultivated mahogany wood. The disign remembers on waves. With the traditional Mali Weave Tuning System is a durable stable tune of the Djembe warranted.Material: Mahogany Color: Brown Special features : carved from one piece of plantation cultivated mahogany wood decoratively ornatedprestressed HTP nylon cordsTraditional cord tensioning systemHand selected goatskin comes with a professional Djembe bag Diameter: 12" Heigth: 24"


Immediately available or ready for collection
GEWApure Frame Drum 8" CLUB SALSA with beater
Tambourine 8 "nailed natural furwooden framewith malletideal for musical education for children


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Salsa shaker with a modern design and pleasant coloring The warm and friendly sound stimulates musical interest, and the large handle fits ideally in even the smallest of children's hands. From 3 months Dimensions: 11.5 x 7.5 x 4 cm,Subject to color changes


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Meinl KA9WW-BK Wah-Wah Kalimba
Wah-Wah KalimbaWith the new Kalimbas Meinl presents great melody instruments. The compact shape and the high quality materials make these kalimbas reliable instruments that should not be missing in any set up.Medium versionMaterial: chromed steelRubber tree (Hevea brasiliensis Muell.-Arg.)Particularities:ergonomic shapeWah-wah effect9 tones: a 'c "c' a 'A f' e 'e" b'Color: Black


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Schlagwerk Long Drum 60C80
LOG DRUM 60C80The 60C80 provides brilliantly clear, open and inspiring soundoptions due to the C-Pentatonic. You can enjoy these instruments with pure, unrestrained playing pleasure without the worry of dropping or missing tone plates.Playing surface: Padouk (Pterocarpus soyauxli)Resonance box: Solid alder (Alnus)Measurements: approx. 60 x 20 x 18 cmPremium components for best sound and best qualityRecommended mallets: MA102, MA103Tuning: 8 notes, e - g - a - c' - d' - e' - g' - a'Pentatonic tuning for intuitive playing


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HCS13H MEINL Cymbal 13" HiHat
Meinl 13" Hihat Cymbal of HCS SeriesAlloy: MS63 alloyFinish: Regular Fabrication: compressed


delivery time 5 days
Art Series Kalimba 10 Free Spirit
Art Series Kalimba 10 Free Spirit (thumb piano) Number of tongues: 10 Pitch range: c '- e' '(C4 - E5) Tuning: C major Wood: mahogany Color: natural (matt lacquered) with Free Spirit LaserIncl.padded carrying bag with loop, additional fabric bag, tuning hammer


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Sonor ZM 6514 Marching Snare drum knee rest
stainless steel


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Drums & Percussion

Acoustic Drums
Acoustic Drums consists of drum shells covered with plastic heads and cymbals (metal washers). The cymbals and drums are mounted on stands or are attached with brackets so that they are easily accessible. The drums are played with wooden sticks. Instead of sticks you can also play with "brooms" or "rods" to add that special something to the sound of the rhythm. There is no such thing as THAT drums. The drum kit components can be varied and adapted to the player so that everyone can play the drum kit that is right for them. The drums vary from a small diameter, well suited for studios, to large drums, perfect for the more powerful stage.

The big advantage of an electronic drum kit, or e-drum for short, is that it basically has no built-in speakers and can therefore be played very quietly. Only the beating noises can be heard. In contrast, with acoustic drums, the volume is very dominant. Some e-drum models can also be positioned to save space. Instead of skins, silicone pads are used on the e-drum. Depending on the price range, these can vary greatly in terms of quality and touch dynamics. So-called mesh heads are special drum heads that are used on well-equipped e-drums to improve the feel of the drum.

Here you will find a large selection of rhythmic instruments. Large percussion instruments such as cajons, djembes and congas as well as small percussion; Cowbells, shakers, kalimbas, hand drums and much more

Orff Instruments
Orff instruments include glockenspiels, xylophones, metallophones and chime bars

Marching & Concert
Here you will find a large selection of marching instruments. In addition to the large and small drums and marching cymbals, you will also find numerous accessories in our range, such as suitable professional carrying systems, marching holders, mallets and our high-quality marching books and marching sleeves.