Key Instruments

The keyboard instrument is a musical instrument in which the sound is generated by pressing one or more keys on a keyboard. There are many different keyboard instruments for a wide variety of uses. Digital pianos are pianos that have no strings but show all the advantages of an electronic piano. The more practical or transportable variant are the stage pianos. With an average of 15 kg and a compact size, these can be easily transported. But already have a weighted keyboard for a balanced feel. We have the most important brands such as Yamaha, Casio, Kawai, Korg and Roland for you. From small entry-level keyboards to large workstations for the stage, everything is represented.


RoseFounden Piano bench Mahogany matt
Piano bench Mahogany MattSolid woodThe feet are fixed by M8 screw dowels to the frameBreaking load over 2 tonsblack Suede seat coverSeating area 53x30 cmEasy-to-adjust height adjustment via precise scissor mechanismHeight 48-56 cm


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RoseFounden olive Suede seat cover Piano bench
suitable for Rosefounden RF-PB0001, RF-PB0002, RF-PB0003, RF-PB0004, RF-PB0005, RF-PB0006, RF-PB0010Seat area: 53 x 30 cmCover: velorColor: olive


Immediately available or ready for collection
Speaker Dual Cone Woofer 4Ohm 100mm (PA700/PA700OR)


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RoseFounden Piano bench cherry matt
Piano bench cherry MattSolid woodThe feet are fixed by M8 screw dowels to the frameBreaking load over 2 tonsblack Suede seat coverSeating area 53x30 cmEasy-to-adjust height adjustment via precise scissor mechanismHeight 48-56 cm


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RoseFounden dark blue Suede seat cover Piano bench
suitable for Rosefounden RF-PB0001, RF-PB0002, RF-PB0003, RF-PB0004, RF-PB0005, RF-PB0006, RF-PB0010Seat area: 53 x 30 cmCover: velorColor: dark blue


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RoseFounden Double Piano bench black matt with note compartment
Double Piano bench black matt with music compartmentsolid woodFeet fixed by M10 high-strength screw with frameblack imitation leather seat coverSeat 54 x 33 cmCompartment size 26 x 49 cm, height 6 cmSmooth height adjustment via precise scissors mechanismHeight 49 - 56 cm


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RoseFounden Double Piano bench black polish with note compartment
Double Piano bench black polish with music compartmentsolid woodFeet fixed by M10 high-strength screw with frameblack imitation leather seat coverSeat 54 x 33 cmCompartment size 26 x 49 cm, height 6 cmSmooth height adjustment via precise scissors mechanismHeight 49 - 56 cm


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Casio CT-S1 Casiotone Keyboard black
Simply the Best Keyboard for Beginners.A musical instrument should be intuitive and inspire you to want to play, wherever you may be. This design philosophy is at the heart of the CT-S1 and it’s what sets it apart from other keyboards.With 61 full-size, touch sensitive textured keys, you’ll be enjoying your style of music anytime, anywhere.Compact Size, Incredible SoundUsing Casio’s advanced AiX sound technology, the CT-S1 boasts an expressive grand piano tone that sounds like an instrument twice its size (not to mention twice the price).Newly developed Bass Reflex speakers and Surround Sound mode mean a richer, more dynamic tone that complements the excellent sound quality. The CT-S1 is an entry level keyboard that you’ll enjoy playing and listening to over and over again.Hassle Free Connections. Every Time.Learning online at home is very popular and the CT-S1 has been designed with this in mind. Connect your phone, tablet or computer directly with USB and enjoy music learning apps and games.Learn with Chordana PlayCompatible with Android and iOS devices, Chordana Play connects via USB or optional Bluetooth dongle and teaches you to play in a fun, visual way. Select from a library of over 50 traditional songs or import any MIDI file you choose. Follow the music score or piano roll notation at your own pace, with the app guiding you through each step.Interactive Online Learning Included. The CT-S1 comes with a range of features to help you get the best from learning the keyboard at home. Your purchase includes FREE unlimited access to the Casio Music Academy.Designed by music teachers, this online portal combines video tutorials with an app that connects to your keyboard via USB (cable required) or Bluetooth dongle (optional purchase), analyses your playing and shows you how to improve, step-by-step.Stylish and Easy to Use AnywhereAvailable in three colours, the compact CT-S1 fits into any space. The intuitive controls allow quick access to any of the 61 tones and you can capture your inspiration quickly with the built-in Song Recorder.Weighing just 4.5kg, the CT-S1 can be powered from 6 AA batteries, which is perfect for making music on the move.Get Creative with Vintage Tones.If you love creating music with vintage Electric Pianos, Synths and iconic sounds from pop music history, there’s lots to like in the CT-S1.New Advanced Tones use studio-grade digital effects to add amp simulation, phaser and more without the need for editing or time-consuming programming. Just select and play!Go Wireless with BluetoothFor the first time in an entry-level keyboard, the optional WU-BT10 Bluetooth dongle allows you to add Bluetooth Audio and Bluetooth MIDI capabilities to your CT-S1.This means you can stream music through the keyboard’s speakers and play along to your favourite tracks, or use the CT-S1 as a wireless MIDI controller with your music apps (purchased separately).CT-S1 Highlights- AC or battery powered, for taking your music anywhere.- 61 note, touch-sensitive keyboard with piano-shaped keys.- 61 High Quality AiX tones.- Surround Sound mode.- Connects to Chordana Play.- USB connection.- Headphone connection for silent practice (headphones purchased separately).- Unlimited access to the Casio Music Academy.- Weight 4.5g (excluding batteries).


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RoseFounden Piano bench white matt
Piano bench white MattSolid woodThe feet are fixed by M8 screw dowels to the frameBreaking load over 2 tonsblack Suede seat coverSeating area 53x30 cmEasy-to-adjust height adjustment via precise scissor mechanismHeight 48-56 cm


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Casio CS-470 P Stand black
Stand without pedalfor CDP-S160 and CDP-S360


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Korg Modwave Wavetable-Synthesizer
Korg Modwave SynthesizerModwave builds on the DW legacy and transforms it into a modern monster synth, featuring incredibly deep wavetable oscillators, gorgeous filters, wildly flexible modulation, unmatched polyphony, comprehensive pattern sequencing, and immediately satisfying hands-on control to deliver unique, powerful, and easily customizable sounds and phrases.modwave also introduces two unique new tools for creating dynamic motion: Kaoss Physics and Motion Sequencing 2.0. Kaoss Physics combines an x/y Kaoss pad with modulatable game physics to create a responsive, interactive controller that is—besides being powerful— a lot of fun to explore. Motion Sequencing 2.0 brings the organic, continuously evolving patterns of the wavestate's Wave Sequencing 2.0 into the world of motion sequencing, including multiple lanes and real-time recording to help you create complex and evolving phrases that other step sequencers cannot.Like Wave Sequencing 2.0 (wavestate) and altered FM (opsix), modwave’s evolved wavetable synthesis delivers its own brand of completely unique sounds and a knob-per-function layout that makes customizing those sounds fast and easy. To start, there are hundreds of preset sounds empowered by this new architecture, organized by front-panel category buttons, and all instantly customizable via the four Modulation Knobs. modwave's distinctive wavetable timbres start with aggressive basses & leads, and lush ambient pads which will add a new dimension to your tracks. But that is just the start. Those who want to dig deeper will find an endless source of discovery; you'll be finding new things in this synth for a long, long time because of the unique synth architecture. Once you have started finding new sounds - save as many as you like; there's room for thousands more.System:- Keyboard: 37 keys (velocity and release-velocity sensitive)- Maximum Polyphony: 32 stereo voices- Sound generating system: modwave synthesis engineModulation- Controllers: Mod Wheel, Pitch Wheel, Kaoss Physics, 4x Mod Knobs- Other Sources: 4x Envelopes, 5x LFOs, 2x Mod Processors, 2x Key Track, Seq Lanes A-D, Step Pulse, Tempo, Program/Performance Note Count, Program/Performance Voice Count, Poly Legato, Velocity, Exponential Velocity, Release Velocity, Gate, Gate+Damper, Note-On Trigger, Note-On Trigger+Damper, Note Number, Aftertouch and Poly Aftertouch (external MIDI only), MIDI CCs +/-, MIDI CCs +- Destinations: Most parameters can be modulated, including parameters of individual Motion Sequence Steps. Depending on Motion Sequence length, there can be more than 1,000 potential modulation targets per Program.Effects- Pre FX: Decimator, Graphic EQ, Guitar Amp, Modern Compressor, Parametric EQ, Red Compressor, Ring Modulator, Tremolo, Wave Shaper- Mod FX: Black Chorus/Flanger, Black Phase, CX-3 Vibrato Chorus, EP Chorus, Harmonic Chorus, Modern Chorus, Modern Phaser, Orange Phase, Polysix Ensemble, Small Phase, Talking Modulator, Vintage Chorus, Vintage Flanger, Vintage/Custom Wah, Vox Wah- Delay: L/C/R Delay, Multiband Mod Delay, Reverse Delay, Stereo/Cross Delay, Tape Echo- Master Reverb: Early Reflections, Overb- Master EQ: 4-band parametric EQGeneral- Inputs/outputs: Headphone (6.3 mm stereo phone jack), OUTPUT L/MONO and R (impedance-balanced 6.3 mm TRS phone jacks), DAMPER (6.3 mm phone jack, half-damper not supported), MIDI IN and OUT connectors, USB B port- Power supply: AC adapter (DC12V, 2500mA)- Power consumption: 5 W- Dimensions (W × D × H)565 × 338 × 93 mm/22.24” × 13.31” × 3.66”- Weight: 2.9 kg/6.93 lbs.Included items: AC adapterAccessories (sold separately): DS-1H damper pedal, PS-1 pedal switch, PS-3 pedal switch


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Yamaha PSR-EW310 Keyboard
PSR-EW310 is a 76-key, standard model of Portable Keyboard for those who touch keyboard instrument for the first time, or even for players for performance usage. It is loaded with versatile functions, an expressive touch-sensitive keyboard action and many conveniet functions so that even beginners can enjoy playing it right away.622 high quality Voices with improved samplingTouch-sensitive keyboard with 48-note polyphonyBrand new DSP effects and 11 Super Articulation Lite Voices205 auto accompaniment Styles176 arpeggio types"Keys to Success" with other lesson functionsDuo modeEasy Song Book available for downloadUSB TO HOST allowing two-way MIDI and digital audio transferMelody Suppressor for both analog and digital audio input


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Stay Music Tower Keyboardstand black
STAY keyboard stands are made in Brazil and are made of 100% aluminum. Best workmanship and paintwork from the automotive industry, combined with many years of experience in aluminum processing make these stands a visual and haptic highlight. High stability, low weight and simply an eye-catcher! All stands are delivered including matching bag!130cmLoadable up to 40kg per edition2 editionsbag


delivery time 14 days
Korg Workstation i3 Arranger Keyboard silver, 61 keys
Musicians often have ideas or phrases in their heads that they need to try out immediately. With the KORG i3 Music Workstation, the raw musical forms can be put into practice in no time and in an inspiring way. The workstation is therefore a perfect (work) instrument for composers, versatile stage musicians or prospective producers. Numerous sound sets and style performance sets are available so that you can skillfully realize your visions. With the internal effects and the EQ, you can also adjust the sound to the respective application. In addition, around 800 instrument sounds, 59 drum kits and a few connections expand the variety of possibilities that you get with this instrument. Thanks to the battery supply, you are also flexible when it comes to the location of the i3 Music Workstation.KORG knows that every moment counts in music. That is why intuitive operation and an inspiring variety are the be-all and end-all of the i3 Music Workstation.Versatile music workstation for composing and producingStyle performance sets suitable for every style (4 x 270)200 ready-made sound sets16 track sequencer with editing options50 freely assignable set list entries (10 banks with 5 spaces each)8 chord buttons for direct chord entryHigh quality 61 key keyboardModern dance music styles and sounds790 sounds and 290 stylesSong player supports: MP3, WAV and MID formatSong recorder (MID and WAV format)Battery operation possiblePedal connections (Sustain / Expression)Free software package included (Ozon Elements, Skoove, Reason lite)


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Roland Fantom 07 Workstation / Synthesizer
FANTOM-07 brings your creative world together, combining the sonic power and fluid workflow of the top-of-the-line FANTOM series in streamlined instruments that go everywhere your inspiration takes you.Equipped with either a 76-note keyboard, FANTOM-07 has everything you need to create and perform at the highest level. Play and produce with thousands of Roland’s best sounds andunleash your musical vision with the same color touchscreen, hands-on controls, and deep computer integration found on the flagship models.- Sounds and features inherited from the flagship FANTOM series- Seamless workflow with no confusing modes- Light and durable molded body design for easy transport- Play and produce with thousands of electronic and acoustic sounds powered by Roland’s advanced ZEN-Core and SuperNATURAL technologies- New SuperNATURAL pianos with authentic acoustic grand sound and response- Virtual ToneWheel Organ with harmonic bar control and quick-fire playability- Deep onboard sampling features- Scenes contain settings for all 16 layers plus effects and patterns- Clip-based sequencing with instant pattern recording and triggering- TR-REC sequencer inspired by classic Roland drum machines- Color touchscreen, high-resolution knobs, sliders, RGB performance pads, and dedicated synth control section- Pitch/mod lever and illuminated pitch and mod wheels- Massive DSP power for plenty of polyphony and smooth sound transitions- 4x32 USB audio interface and native integration with Logic Pro, MainStage, and Ableton Live- Mic input and powerful onboard vocoder- Support for Model Expansions, Sound Packs, Sample Packs, and more from Roland Cloud- AIRA Link support (via Roland MX-1)- Compatible with FANTOM Scenes that use ZEN-Core, SuperNATURAL, and Virtual ToneWheel Organ sounds- Custom 76-note keyboard with weighted actionHeight: 95 mm Depth: 323 mm Width: 1218 mmWeight: 7 kg


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Korg PU-2, Pedalboard for Korg SP 280 und SP-170
Korg PU-2, Pedalboard for Korg SP 280 und SP-170 DX (Spare Part)3 Pedals for Soft-, Sostenuto- and Hold Function


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Casio CT-X700 Digital Keyboard
Keyboard61 touch-sensitive keys48 voices polyphonicAiX Sound Source600 preset tones160 pre-installed songsPreset rhythms 195 typesEffects: Reverb, Chorus, Harmony100 arpeggio typesLearning function: left hand, right hand, both handsOne-touch presetsTransposerMIDI recorderLC displayAutomatic switch-off (energy-saving mode)Headphone / Line connectionpedal connectionUSB to hostSpeaker: 2 x 2.5 WBattery operation possibleincl. power supply (AD-E95100)Dimensions (W x D x H): 948 x 350 x 109 mmWeight: 4.3 kg


delivery time 14 days
Hohner Bravo III 96 black silent key Accordion
HOHNER accordion, Bravo III 96, black, silent keyThe way to the stage.As a large counterpart of the Bravo III 80, the Bravo III 96 offers everything that beginners and advanced music students need with an accordion. Then let's go on the boards that mean the world.III course37 melody keys96 bass buttonsSilent Key - modified keyboard storageBass strap with knurled screw5 treble registers (7 buttons)black fabric bellowsIncl. Comfortable gig bagIncl. Textile strapWeight: 8.6 kgColor: Black


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ROLAND TR-6 Rhythm Performer/Machine
Roland Drum MachineWith 6 instrumentsContains the sounds of the Roland classics TR-909, TR-808, TR-606, TR-707 and moreACB modeling technology plus stereo sample import and playbackSD card slot for importing your own mono and stereo samples (WAV or AIFF)Mixing and layering of soundsDrum tracks can consist of pure sample kits, TR sounds, or a mixture of bothFM sound engineTR step sequencer with extended functions such as step loop, flam, sub-steps or motion recordingEffects tailored to percussion such as delay, reverb, overdrive and filterIntegrated USB audio / MIDI interfacePower supply via 4x AA batteries or USB powerHeadphone output: 3.5 mm stereo jackLine outputs: 2x 6.3 mm jackMIDI In / OutUBS-B port (audio, MIDI and power supply)Dimensions (WxDxH): 224 x 132 x 60 mmWeight: 705 g


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Yamaha B1-WA Piano Bench White Ash
Yamaha B1 Piano StoolThe Yamaha B1 Piano Stool is ideal for all piano players, as it has been specifically set up to match the height of all Yamaha digital piano keyboards. Specification:Fixed height piano stool Black vinyl top with solid wooden constructionWhite Ash FinishDimensions: 56,5 x 31 x 50 cm


delivery time 14 days


Key Instruments

Digital Pianos
The digital piano, also known as e-piano, is an electronic keyboard instrument that serves as an alternative to the traditional acoustic piano. The sound is generated purely electronically by pressing a button. The digital piano has numerous functions and advantages. Many models are already equipped with a high-quality weighted keyboard (also made of wood) to ensure a natural feel. The electronic piano does not have to be tuned, the sound always remains excellent. In addition, the volume can be adjusted or played entirely with headphones so that you can practice in peace. In addition, there are several sounds or reverb properties to choose from, or what is played can be recorded in order to edit it further or to practice with it. Many positive properties to enjoy playing the piano in the living room or in the studio.

Stage Pianos
The stage piano is the smaller form of the digital piano and is usually also equipped with a velocity-sensitive, weighted hammer mechanism. Due to the smaller construction (without feet) and the light weight, the stage piano can be easily transported and is also ideally suited for the stage.

The Piaggero is a "lighter" version of the stage piano. It already has 88 or 76 keys which, however, have a slight weighting, and the design is also a bit slimmer. This means that the Piaggero is easier to transport and is a good alternative for beginners and children.

With its extensive possibilities, the keyboard is a great musical instrument for beginners and professionals. The standard keyboard has a smooth keyboard with 66 keys (depending on the model, the keyboard is touch sensitive). A range of sounds are available, such as different piano sounds and saxophone or guitar sounds, which can be automatically accompanied with a rhythm with simple movements. Entry-level keyboards are often equipped with a learning program to help the player. Illuminated keyboards play an interesting role for beginners.

Workstations are keyboards with a multitude of setting options and great sounds and are used in the studio and on the stage, as well as for hobby musicians who want more. The rhythms and sounds can be changed, adapted and combined as required. The so-called "all-rounders" among keyboard instruments.

The synthesizer generates incredible sounds by means of sound synthesis. It is one of the central tools in the production of electronic music.

Mini keyboards are extremely small keyboards with around 3 octaves. Some mini keyboards have mini keys. They usually have a smaller selection of functions and sounds to make the initial game easier for children. Because of their compact size, mini keyboards are often desired by experts.

The melodica is a handy harmonica instrument that is made to sound by blowing into it and pressing the keys. The melodica is played directly with the mouthpiece on the instrument or over a longer tube (for more freedom). The Melodica has normally 26 to 37 keys.

The accordion, also known as the Zierharmonika, is a hand-drawn instrument in which the sound is generated by free-swinging reeds when pulling or pushing the bellows. Not only single notes, but also chords can be created with it. The accordion is a versatile instrument that is great fun both solo and with other musicians. With the button accordion, not only the bass, but also the treble area is played with buttons. In contrast to the key accordion, this area is equipped with a keyboard. The Styrian harmonica is particularly popular in alpine folk music due to its special structure and the strong-sounding helicon basses as well as the common tone.