Effect Machines

Effect machines are devices that create a special effect on stage, at an event or in your party room. For example: fog, haze, snow, bubbles or foam, wind and confetti rain. Various effects to heat up the party atmosphere or to create a certain atmosphere in the theater or on the stage.


PCB for watersensor Antari Ice Fogger


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PU Tube 4mm
Tube for Tank / Pumpe


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PU Tube 6mm
Tube for Tank / Pumpe


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Tube through valve for Z-380
Valve for Antari Z-380


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Tube Adapter for Z380
Tube adapter valve for Antari Z-380


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Tank for Z-1500 and Z-1500II
For FT100, W-515D, W-515, W-530, X-515II, X-515pro, X-530, Z-1500II, Z-1500pro, Z-3000II, Z-3000pro


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Antari MCT-2 Timer-Controller
2-knobTimner Remote for M1 III


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Antari DNG-250 Low Fog Generator with Case
Compare to its previous version DNG-200, the DNG-250 is upgraded to a more powerful heating element and more efficient refrigeration systems, which enables it to produce higher volume and even better low fog effects.The DNG-250 Low Fog Generator is the complete ground fog effect solution from a fully self-compacted unit with wheels and handles to stand against tough transport. With today's rising demand & awareness for environmental and health concern, the effects produced is virtually indistinguishable from that is created by dry ice. Distinctively from other products currently on the market, it creates low fog straight from machine¡¦s nozzle. This makes it far more efficient and convenient without any hassles of CO2 installations. It is operator-friendly as there are no external controls on the machine. Simply plug the unit and place the 3M fog conducting hose (for remote dispersion) and operate it like a normal fog machine. With powerful compressor and aluminum heater block, 3 variable fog output can be selected from a tiny cloud to the thickest fog. It is fully controllable via a LCD DMX 512 controller allowing the operator to set the volume control and timing precisely. Furthermore, the after-service maintenance is trouble-free as the compressor and the heater are in two different contained locations.The 10-liter tank also offers non-stop power enables extended use between refills. No doubt DNG-200 will be an impressive effect for theatrical and studio applications where noise level should be minimized and environment/health issues are concerned.Specifications.Power¡GAC100V/AC120/AC220-240V, 50Hz-60HzPower Consumption (Compressor)¡G600W / 750 WInitial Start-up Current (Compressor): 4000WHeater: 120V/1500W¡F230V/3000WOutput: 40,000 cu.ft / minFirst Heat-Up Time: 12 minTank Capacity: 10 litersFluid Consumption Rate: 11 min/ liter (100% output) Remote Included: D-20 (LCD Timer Panel Controller; 2 Meters)Accessory Included: 3M Fog Conducting HoseWeight:120 KgDimensions (mm: (L) 780.00 x (W ) 608 x ( H) 686 Case Dimensions: 880 x 710 x 1030mmCase weight: 46,5kg


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Fog tube 100 mm alloy professional
Alloy fog tube with a 100 mm diameter and a 10 m lenght.Flexible hose with PVC sheath


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Spare liquid tank cap for Antari M10 fogger
Tank cap for Antari M10 /M-10W/M-8/M-5


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Steuerplatine W-530D with Display
Display PCB for Antari W-530D Fazer


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Vapour Tank Nozzle


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Antari FT-200 DMX 1600 W Fire Training Fogger
Antari FT-200, a world renowned leader in entertainment atmospheric effects continues its expansion into fire and rescue training with the introduction of the all new FT-200. Built on the success of Antari’s first smoke generator developed exclusively for fire and rescue training, the popular FT-100, the new FT-200 introduces new technologies to offer one of the worlds most rugged and advanced smoke generators for fire and rescue training. Features- All new advanced steel heater block that doubles the flow rate of the FT-100, essentially increasing output by 200%.- IP rated case design that allows the FT-200 to be used outdoor. - Sleek and compact casing design with a heavy-duty handle allows the unit to be easily transported and stored. - Capable of multi-position operation allowing the unit to generate smoke in either a vertical or horizontal position. - Built-in electronic timer for hands free operation. Specification- Voltage : Europe version : 230 Volt- Breaker : AC-230V, 9A/250V- Power Consumption : 1,600W- Output : Fire Training Fog Fluid Height 8 Meters- Initial Heat-Up Time : 7,5 mins- Fluid Consumption Rate : 270ml / min. (100% output)- Tank Capacity : 2,4 liters- Remote Included : W-2 Wireless Remote- Control Options : Z-3 Remote- Weight : 16 Kg- Dimensions (mm) : L 301 x W 194 x H 414 mm


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IP-1500 Antari Fog Machine 1500 Watt, IP63
The IP-1500 is Antari’s newest waterproof fogmachine, incorporating an innovative new designthat earns it an IP-63 rating. Whether indoor oroutside, the new IP-1500 delivers massive fogoutput with its state-of-the-art design and 1500watts of power.Included in that design is an extremely precisetemperature control system, highly efficient heatconservation system, and an acutely sensitiveliquid detection system that senses when fogoutput or liquid supply is running low. When usingthe IP-1500 outdoors, even when raining, it iscapable of detecting the ambient temperature andadjusting its operating parameters accordingly. Ofcourse, both DMX and wireless remote optionsalso come standard with this professional machine.The new IP-1500 was designed with efficiency inmind and achieves 13% less electricityconsumption than other foggers in its size class,making it the greenest choice.


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Steuerplatine F-3 with Display
Display PCB for Antari F-3 Fazer


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Main PCB for Antari Z-350
Main PCB for Antari Z-350


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Heater for M-10 Antari fog machine


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Antari Z-1000 II fog machine 1000 W
DMX on board1,7 l tank capacity 10.000 cuft/min fog outputRemote control with 10 m with jack 6,3 mm stereo connectorWeight: 6,6 kgSize: 433 x 198 x 151 mmWith the new eco thermal control system and the patented unicore heater technologymounting bracket includedfluid consumption rate: 49 min / l


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Main PCB for Antari FT-100


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PC Board for Antari SW-250 snow machine


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We have 3 types of fog machines:

A fog machine basically consists of a pump that pumps the fog fluid from a container into the heating element. The heating element and a controller. The fog fluid is vaporized in the heating element and powerfully ejected from the nozzle due to the resulting pressure. This can be up to 15m with large fog machines. This creates a haze or a dense fog for each fog liquid.
Fog machines with LED lighting are also new. Coloring the fog can create great effects.
A CO2 effect can also be created with a fog machine by using a CO2 fog fluid.

Basically, the Fazer works like a fog machine. In addition, the Fazer has a fan that distributes the fog output better in the room. Technically, the Fazer is a smooth, continuous, low-output smoke machine. The fazer thus ensures a fine and thin fog, which allows light effects and lasers in particular to shine with great spatial effects.

The hazer (haze generator) is very similar in effect to a fazer. However, it does not create a dense fog that should be visible as an effect, but an almost invisible haze to support the multidimensional effect of the light show, i.e. to make the light rays visible. Hazers atomize the fluid using a compressor. This is done via the compressor using ultrasound, not via the evaporation of a heating element as is the case with the fog machine, which is why a special hazer fluid is also required.

In order to keep the fog on the ground, the fog that is emitted must be cooled. This can be done with ground fog machines with ice, dry ice or a cooling unit. The cooled fog stays on the ground longer due to the thermal effect.
Ground fog can also be created with a dry ice machine. Here the chemical reaction of dry ice with hot water is used. Dry ice (-75 C°) is flushed with hot water and thus quickly melted. As a result, the dry ice converts to the CO2 gas state and creates a fog that glides away from the ground.