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Effect Machines

Effect machines are devices that create a special effect on stage, at an event or in your party room. For example: fog, haze, snow, bubbles or foam, wind and confetti rain. Various effects to heat up the party atmosphere or to create a certain atmosphere in the theater or on the stage... [ More ]



Fog tube 100 mm alloy
Alloy fog tube with a 100 mm diameter and a 10 m lenght.

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Pumpe for F-3

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Confetti Shooter 28 cm, gold
Confetti ShooterLength: 28 cmCylinder filled with golden paper confettiflies the confetti up to 4 mthe mechanism is triggered by turning the lower partcomplies with SP 371 (1)BAM testedflame retardant - B1 certifiedfor single use

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Tank for Antari Z-380

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Timer Remote for Antari B-100X and B-200
Timer Remote for Antari B-100X and B-200

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Smoke liquid flavour cherry
Instruction:Put 1/2 bottle of the smoke liquid flavour into one 5 l can smoke fluid (20ml)

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Pump for ADJ Fury Jett PRO Fogger
Heater for ADJ Fury Jett Pro Fogmachine

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PC Board for Z-1200II Antari fog machine from 2010

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AF-4R Antari special effects fan, DMX and Remote
AF-4R special effect fan focusing its flow of air in the centre, produce smooth wind effect up to 20 meters. Suitable for wide variety of applications on stage, theatre, cinema, tours and much more. With a digital control interface allowing user to easily make setting and adjustments. Comprehensive control option include DMX, Timer, Wireless and Manual.Feature-Effective distance up to 20M-Low noise level-Onboard DMX -Adjustable wind volume from 20~100% -Manual, Timer and Wireless controlSpecificationVoltage: AC240V 50/60HzPower Consumption: 100WAir flow: 1035 CFM Fan Speed: 1242 ~ 1480 rpmControl: Manual, Timer, DMX, Wireless DMX Channels: 1 ChannelAccessories:WTR-10 Wireless Remote Z-3 Cable Remote (Optional)Dimension: 349.5 x 381 x 513.3 mmWeight: 8.9 Kg

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1 kg Paper-Confetti (Confetti size 2 x 6 cm) white
1 kg paper-confettiConfetti size: 2 x 6 cmwhite

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Temperature senser for Z-300 II
Temperature senser for Z-300II

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Steuerplatine F-5 with Transformer

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UV-active Bubble liquid 5 l can red
UV Bubblefluid for your Party.

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Tank for Z-1500 and Z-1500II
For FT100, W-515D, W-515, W-530, X-515II, X-515pro, X-530, Z-1500II, Z-1500pro, Z-3000II, Z-3000pro

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Steuerplatine F-3 with Display
Display PCB for Antari F-3 Fazer

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Tank FogFuryJett

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ADJ Mister Kool II cool fogger
MAIN FEATURES- Low-lying fog stays low to the ground similar to a dry ice effect- Uses standard fog juice and ice cubes- No need for expensive fog chillers, bulky air conditioning units or dry ice- Includes removable timer remote with On/off switch- Perfect for Halloween and theatrical events- Load up to 2 kg of ice in the chiller box- Water drainage valve system allows for easy cleanup. Water drains directly into the provided plastic bag.- Heater: 700W- Fog fluid container: 1/2 liter (external)- Dimensions (LxWxH): 490 x 315 x 260 mm- Weight: 8kg

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delivery time 14 days
control inet socket 4 pin XLR remote w/o PCB

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Thermoprotect for pump for Z-3000 II
thermal protection for pump for Z-3000 II, Z-1500II, Z-1200II, Z-1020, W-515, W-530, IP-1500, X-310 und X-310PRO, M-5, M-8, M10

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Smoke Liquid FLASH (CO2 effect) 5 l can BLUE LIGHT
Smokefluid - FLASHProfessional smoke fluid for the generation of short, artificial smoke and show effects during events as well as for theatre and film production.The prduct is a safe compound in accordance to EC regulation and EC guidelines.It is equally as safe regarding national and international transport guidelines for transport across land, sea and air.The raw materials in the product are of the highest level of purity possible.The water included in the product has been distilled twice.Considering the range of vision and the desired effect, the smoke fluid can be dispensed into the air in measurements between 25 and a maximun of 80 mg/m3.It is particularly important to measure out the smoke fluid so as to ensure that all exits and emergency exits are still visible.This also goes for the illumination of escape routes, their markings, stairs, shafts, edges, etc. In order to avoid anxiety, the room where the smoke is being used should never be seald.Never drink or ingest the liquid and never apply it to your body.Keept out of the reach of children and store it in a place they cannot reach.If the product comes into contact with your skin or eyes, rinse with plenty of water.

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We have 3 types of fog machines:

A fog machine basically consists of a pump that pumps the fog fluid from a container into the heating element. The heating element and a controller. The fog fluid is vaporized in the heating element and powerfully ejected from the nozzle due to the resulting pressure. This can be up to 15m with large fog machines. This creates a haze or a dense fog for each fog liquid.
Fog machines with LED lighting are also new. Coloring the fog can create great effects.
A CO2 effect can also be created with a fog machine by using a CO2 fog fluid.

Basically, the Fazer works like a fog machine. In addition, the Fazer has a fan that distributes the fog output better in the room. Technically, the Fazer is a smooth, continuous, low-output smoke machine. The fazer thus ensures a fine and thin fog, which allows light effects and lasers in particular to shine with great spatial effects.

The hazer (haze generator) is very similar in effect to a fazer. However, it does not create a dense fog that should be visible as an effect, but an almost invisible haze to support the multidimensional effect of the light show, i.e. to make the light rays visible. Hazers atomize the fluid using a compressor. This is done via the compressor using ultrasound, not via the evaporation of a heating element as is the case with the fog machine, which is why a special hazer fluid is also required.

In order to keep the fog on the ground, the fog that is emitted must be cooled. This can be done with ground fog machines with ice, dry ice or a cooling unit. The cooled fog stays on the ground longer due to the thermal effect.
Ground fog can also be created with a dry ice machine. Here the chemical reaction of dry ice with hot water is used. Dry ice (-75 C°) is flushed with hot water and thus quickly melted. As a result, the dry ice converts to the CO2 gas state and creates a fog that glides away from the ground.