Folk Instruments

Harmonica, jew's harps, didgeridoos and rain sticks
MEINL DDG1-BR BambooDidgeridoo brown
MEINL Bamboo Didgeridoo DDG1-BRThe Meinl Didgeridoos are a great way to get started on the oldest wind instrument in the world. It makes a distinctive drone with harmonic overtones, and goes great with all kinds of percussion. MEINL Bamboo didgeridoo DDG1-BRfeatures: material: Bamboo length: 47" (120 cm) color: Brown Please note: for hygienically reasons this product is excluded from any right of exchange!


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Hohner Echo Harp 96 C/G
2 x 48 ReedplatesBrass 0,9 mmmaple Comp


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Didgeridoo bamboo flamed
Bamboo Didgeridoo 120 cm longBamboo flamed


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Toca Curved Didgeridoo DIDG-CTS Tibal Sun
hand painted, lightweight and stable plastic bodyDidgeridoo in traditional curved designDidgeridoo, curved, 50 "(about 130 cm long)


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Schwarz Jew s Harp 65 mm, matt silver, size 8, on block of carton (2 pcs.)
Closed form: more compact, easier to play, fuller notes! the smaller, the higher the tone Special finish in matt silver Two pieces on carton block


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Hohner Step by Step Golden Melody Harp Set + CD + Schule
Tremolo 40 ReedplatesBrass 0,9 mmsynthetic Comp


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Hohner Marine Band Crossover A Harp
key of ARichter systembamboo combstainless steel covers0.9mm brass reeds


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Hohner Blues Harmonica Set
Hohner Blues Starter Set - blues harmonicas (set of seven)tunings: A, Bb, C, D, E, F, GSuitable for folk, blues, rock and countryincl. bag


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Hohner Harp, The Beatles Signature, C
Harmonica The Beatles Signature modelTuning: C major20 reedshigh-quality brass reed plates (thickness: 0.9 mm)Reeds ensure fast tone response and high volumestable stainless steel lid for a powerful, bright soundrobust, moisture-resistant ABS combCover embossed with classic Beatles logo and silhouettesLength: approx. 10.5 cmIncl. case with printed Beatles motifMade in Germany


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Hohner Silver Star C Harp
20 ReedplatesBrass 0,9 mmsynthetic Comp


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Hohner Chrometta 12 C Harp
chromatic 48 ReedplatesBrass; 1,05 mmsynthetic comb


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Hohner Marine Band 1896 Harp G nat. Minor
Harmonica model 1896 ClassicMood: G nat. minor20 reedsVoice plate: brass 0.9 mmPear tree pulp bodyLid: Stainless steel, varnished with clear lacquer


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Hohner Marine Band Classic G Harp
20 ReedplatesBrass 0,9 mmpearwood Comp


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K&M 16416 Harmonica holder black
K&M 16416 Harmonica holder blackClamping spring-tensionMaterial: steelMax. instrument size: 185 x 43 mmNeck frame with a soft rubber coverSpecial features user-friendly locking screws;molded rubber sections on the support arms;particularly suitable for blues harmonicamodels with 108 mm max. instrumentbreadthWeight 0.2 kg


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Hohner Billy Joel Signature C Harp
Hohner Billy Joel Signature HarpC Major20 reedsBrass reed plates, 0.9 mmChest body made of wood (Doussie), painted twiceStainless steel lidEasy maintenance due to bolted componentsSpecial folding case with magnetic closure and matching instrument inlayBooklet with the intro of 'Piano Man' as sheet music and harmonica tablature


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K&M 164/1 Harmonica holder
K&M 164/1 Harmonica holder - nickel-coloredFor various harmonica models. Covered neck frame. Adjustable spring-tension instrument holder.Clamping: spring tensionMaterial: steelwith a soft rubber coverMax. instrument size: 185 x 49 mmWeight: 0,23 kg


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Hohner Unsere Lieblinge 48 C Harp
Oktav 48 ReedplatesBrass 0,9 mmWood Comp


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MEINL percussion didgeridoo stand
The MEINL didgeridoo stand always keeps your didgeridoo at hand and protects it from damage. A rubber bracket provides additional security and prevents falling. A soft foam padding protects the finish of the instrument.SPECIFICATIONSFeature: Rubber strap for extra protectionFeature: Soft paddingFeature: Stable tripod standMaterial: Black powder-coated aluminum


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Hohner Harp, 125 Anniversary, Marine Band, C-Major
125 years of MARINE BANDOn January 30, 2021, the 125th birthday of the most legendary and influential harmonica model of all time - the HOHNER Marine Band will be celebrated.Since 1896 it has stood for masterful craftsmanship, quality and the spirit of HOHNER worldwide and has played a significant role in shaping the history of music in the 20th century.On this occasion, Hohner brought out a special edition of the replica of the original harmonica, which shaped the music of blues legends such as Little Walter and Sonny Terry and is still a synonym for blues harmonica today.Marine band 1896 with original ocher / black lacquered, sealed wooden comb in C majorA detailed replica of the lid with the legendary "Mouse Ear" lid tabs and the original embossingVintage cardboard case in the original designMade in Germany


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DIMAVERY MH-20 Harmonica, C#, 20 tones
DIMAVERY MH-20 Harmonica, C#, 20 tonesColor: blue 20 tones Key: c


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Folk Instruments

The harp is a musical instrument from the group of harmonica instruments with metal reeds in parallel air channels. The air channels are blown directly with the mouth. Compared to most other musical instruments, the harmonica is small, inexpensive and also less sensitive, although care must be taken with it too.

Diatonic Harps
In the case of the diatonic harmonica, only those reeds are available that produce the conductor's own tones of the key in which the harmonica is tuned. A diatonic C major harp therefore only has the notes C, D, E, F, G, A and H. The chromatic harmonica is different; The semitones can also be played using a built-in slider.

Chromatic Harps
Chromatic harmonicas allow a built-in slider to cover all semitones of western music. Thus, all styles of music are open to you. In contrast to the chromatic harmonica, the diatonic harmonica only has reeds that produce the scale's own tones of the key in which the harmonica is tuned. A diatonic C major harmonica therefore only has the notes C, D, E, F, G, A and H.

Tremolo Harps
The tremolo harmonica is a type of harmonica that is characterized by two reeds per note. In the tremolo harmonica, the two reeds are tuned slightly shifted, so that one sounds slightly higher and the other slightly lower than the target note. This creates a special wavy or warbling sound, which is produced by the two reeds that are not exactly the same and the resulting waveforms of the sound waves.

Jew's Harp
The Jew's Harp is a small musical instrument with a frame, on one side of which a lamella (tongue) is attached, which is moved by the player on the other end. With the metal hoop jaws, the tongue protrudes with the tip over the frame and is plucked directly with the finger. The sound and pitch of the instrument held against the lips are influenced by the size of the oral cavity, which serves as a resonance space, and by breathing. Different overtones are made audible.

The didgeridoo is a wind instrument rich in overtones and is considered a traditional musical instrument of the northern Australian Aborigines. In the traditional context, it is usually made from a trunk of local eucalyptus species hollowed out by termites and serves as a predominantly rhythmic accompanying instrument for chants and dances. The tonal and rhythmic variety is created through combinations of mouth movements, breathing technique and voice effects, based on a fundamental tone that is only slightly varied in pitch and overblown tones. The mouthpiece only consists of a wax ring to protect the lips, which can also be missing on inexpensive or well-made instruments. In addition, the naturally given diameter of the wooden pipe is narrowed to a diameter that is comfortable for the player.

Rain Sticks
The rain stick or rain maker is a tubular vessel rattle that serves as an effect instrument. Modern variants of the instrument are made of bamboo or plastic and filled with rattle bodies made of different materials to achieve different sound effects. If you turn the rainmaker around, the small pebbles fall from one spike to the next. This creates a pleasant, even sound that is reminiscent of flowing water or the rustling of thick raindrops. While in South America the medicine men wanted to lure the longed-for rain with the soft rustling sound of the rainmaker, one enjoys the pleasant sound with the calming effect. The sound spectrum ranges from fine, delicate drizzle to the powerful rustling of a downpour. It "rains" more persistently, the longer the rainmaker is and the more spikes hold up the path of the pebbles. Short variants are also used as rhythm instruments that can be quickly shaken.