Fog machines and effects machines

The fog machine basically consists of a pump that pumps the fog fluid from a container into the heating element. The heating element and a controller. The fog fluid is vaporized in the heating element and powerfully ejected from the nozzle due to the resulting pressure. This can be up to 15m with large fog machines. Depending on the fog liquid, this creates a haze or a dense fog. Fog machines with LED lighting create a colored fog through the light when the fog is emitted and thus ensure great effects. A CO2 effect can also be created with a fog machine by using a CO2 fog fluid.

How much power does a fog machine need?

The power of a fog machine is given in watts, similar to household appliances. But how much power do I need to fog up my party room? In the following table we show which fog machine performance is sufficient to fog a room lightly or densely. Outdoor use generally requires more power because the fog dissipates faster. Here is our overview:

Room size (densely fogged)
Room size (lightly fogged)
Outdoor operation is suitable
400 watts20 m²30 m²No
700 watts25 m²35 m²No
1000 watts40 m²50m²Yes
1200 watts50 m²60 m²Yes
1500 watts75 m²85 m²Yes
3000 watts100 m² and up130 m² and up

Co2 effect smoke machines

These smoke machines are often used as a show effect.