Here you will find a large selection of strings for all stringed and bowed instruments


Daddario NW038 Single String for E-Guitar 038 (A5)
Nickel Round WoundGauge: 038


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Daddario NW026 Single String for E-Guitar 026 (D4)
Nickel Round WoundGauge: 026


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Hannabach Single String D for Classical Guitar 800HT High Tension
Hannabach's legendary student strings for concert guitarsMade in GermanyHigh tensionD-4: 7.7kg / 16.98lbs


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Ernie Ball Slinky M-Steel .009-.042 Ultra High Output Guitar Strings
Strings for E-Guitar Slinky M-SteelGauges:: 009 - 011 - 016 - 024 - 032 - 042Maraging steel hex core and super cobalt wrap wire


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Martin MA180 80/20 Bronze 12- strings Folk Guitar Strings Extra Light
Martin MA 180 12 Strings set for acoustic guitarsStrength: .010, .010, .014, .014, .023, .010, .030, .012, .039, 018, .047, .027Material 20 Bronze


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Daddario EJ27N 3/4 Size Classical Guitar Strings Normal Tension
D'Addario EJ27N 3/4 size strings set for classical guitarstudent gradenormal tension.0290 .0333 .0415 .030 .035 .044


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Augustine Classic Guitar Singlestring E1Medium Tension .028


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Thomastik Vision Strings Set VI100 1/4 Medium for Violine Synthetic Core
String set for violinTension: mediumfor 1/4 violinE-string: tin-plated steel with removable ballA string: aluminum on syntheticD and G string: silver on syntheticwith ballSet VI100 medium


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Optima Electric GOLD 042 Single String for Electric Guitar 2027EL
- Premium quality for highest sound requirements- 24 carat gold coating, completely resistant to tarnishing and corrosion- Up to 3 times longer than normal strings- Also suitable for nickel allergic persons- Made in Germany


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Daddario XSAPB1152, XS Acoustic, Custom Light, 11-52
The Custom Light (.011-.052) string set for acoustic guitar from the D'Addario XS series offers maximum durability, corrosion protection and playing comfort. The strings, which are wrapped in a phosphor bronze alloy, have a microscopic coating that has been fused with the string. This creates a soft feel and the spaces between the wrapping are reliably protected from sweat and corrosion. At the same time, the strings offer a high sound quality, as the coating has a significantly lower damping effect than conventional coated strings. The string cores made of D'Addario's high-quality NY Steel, in turn, ensure maximum tear resistance and tuning stability.Features:Set of strings for acoustic guitarPhosphor bronzeCustom Light .011-.052Advanced coating technology offers maximum protection against sweat and dirt depositsThe microscopically thin coating on the wrapped strings is fused with the string, so that the wrapping spaces are also protected and the strings offer a pleasantly soft feelVery good sound properties thanks to less damping than other coated stringsString cores made of D'Addario "NY Steel" ensure maximum optimized tear resistance and tuning stabilityBare steel strings with polymer treatment100% recyclable packaging and strings in resealable VCI bags


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Fender Original Bullets 150's 09-42 strings
Fender Original Bullets 3150L E-Guitar StringsPure Nickel09-42


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Optima String set for a 1/2 Classical Guitar SILVER CLASSICS Children's Guitar
Optima Strings for Classical Guitar SILVER CLASSICS Children's GuitarFor children's guitar 1/2 size Treble: Clear Nylon, G3 woundBass: silver woundMedium Tension


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Daddario PL010 Single String 010 for Acoustic or Elekctric Guitar
PL010 single string 0,250 mmPlain SteelEXP compound platedGauge: 010


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Ernie Ball E-Guitar Cobalt Hybrid Slinky .009-.046
Ernie Ball E-Guitar Cobalt Hybrid Slinky .009 .011 .016 .026 .036 .046


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Thomastik IR100 Infeld Red Violin String D
Infeld "red"The strings of the red and the blue set can be combined to change the sound character without changing the string strength.The red series amplifies the dark sound of the instrument, the blue supports the brilliant sound.with E-string chrome steel, gold-platedComposite core = hybrid core4/4 sizeD Hydonalium (alloy of aluminum, magnesium, manganese) wound, tension 4.6kg, 10.1lbs


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Optima classic Guitar Strings .032 D4
Premium-quality bronze with higher copper content (almost as phosphor bronze)NEW: trebles brassedNEW: Nickel free - Allergy-Good!Fast, stable intonation, great durabilityThe .012 light set is the original equipment VGS root modelsMade in GermanyOptima 1727L Light Acoustic Bronze stringsLight .012 .016 .024w .032w .042w .052wOriginal equipment VGS Root models


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Ernie Ball E-Guitar M-Steel Regular Slinky .010-.046
String Set For Electric GuitarsGauges: 010 - 013 - 017 - 026 - 036 - 046Regular slinkyMaraging steel core with Cobalt winding


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Bergfee Folk Guitar Strings
Bergfee Folk Guitar Strings silver steelBall End


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Tuning key square 4.2 mm
Please note:Tuning pegs are conical, please do not measure the vertebrae at the upper square, but at the point where the tuning peg goes into the respective instrument (approximately in the middle).The matching tuning key and tuning hammer are also conical inside, in addition, the 4 interior walls in the middle are grooved, therefore the seemingly confusing dimensions. The indication e.g. 5.2 mm is measured, excluding the grooves inside, at the extreme end. Of course, the lowest opening of the voice key / vocal hammer is wider than the middle range.For chord zither, dulcimer, kanteleHandle made of white beech, T-shape


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YAMAHA FB 12 strings for folk guitars (1 Set)
YAMAHA FB12String Set for Acoustic Steel Guitary (folk guitars)Strength 012/016/024w/032w/042w/053w 80/20 Bronze Light


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Strings for Classical Guitar
The classical concert guitar is strung exclusively with strings made of nylon or carbon. It is strung with three high treble strings and three bass strings. The strings of the concert guitar are offered in different tensions, which result from the hardness of the material. Strings with high tension (hard tension) sound a bit louder and more assertive, but are harder to press, which means that the weaker the tension, the easier it is to play. However, steel strings should never be pulled onto the concert guitar, as they generate very high tensions and tensile forces for which the neck of the concert guitar is not designed. New strings have a great sound and are pleasant to play, so we recommend changing the strings "too early rather than too late" if you are not sure.

Strings for Folk Guitar
Steel strings are stretched on folk guitars. A whole set of steel strings is colloquially named after the high e-string. So in a set of 10, the high e string is 0.010 inches in diameter. Based on this, you can then derive the strength of the other strings, since the common sentences are standardized. The standard material used for wrapping steel strings is bronze. An 80/20 alloy (80% copper, 20% tin) is common. In terms of sound, bronze strings are metallic and assertive in terms of height. Phosphor bronze strings are somewhat harder and more resistant to corrosion. This is an alloy that usually consists of 90-92% copper and 9.5% - 7.5% tin; the rest is phosphorus, these sound a little softer and warmer.

Strings for Electric Guitar
Best choice for beginners: Easier to play: Due to the small string thickness (.009 set), you need less force when fingering chords than with thicker strings (e.g. .010 or .11 set). This is of particular benefit to beginners who (still) have sensitive fingers (with little callus). Guitar strings made of nickel-plated steel are the most popular variant among electric guitar strings. In terms of sound, they ensure a good combination of warmth and brightness. Coated guitar strings are more durable and less prone to dirt or rust. Different thicknesses of strings result in different vibration behavior and thus a slightly different sound.

Strings for Electric Bass
The strings of the electric bass have a larger diameter than the electric guitar, since the higher the string mass changes the vibration behavior in such a way that the desired deep tone can only be achieved with an acceptable string tension with thicker strings. Roundwound strings are wrapped with a round wire, while flatwound strings are wrapped around the core with a flat metal tape, which makes them feel a little softer. In terms of sound, flatwound strings generate little or no noise when you slide your fingers over the electric bass strings. But they don't sound as bright as roundwound strings. Due to the lower friction, such strings are initially more comfortable on the fingers.

Strings for Acoustic Bass
First choice of strings for acoustic basses: phosphor bronze strings; these deliver a bright and loud acoustic sound. Black nylon strings or phosphor strings are an alternative for an amplified sound. Although these two are acoustically much quieter, they do meet a well-balanced, amplified sound.

Strings for Ukulele
Many well-known manufacturers use plastic strings with a higher density for ukulele, so the ukulele has better dynamics and a clearer sound. The manufacturers also offer the right set for the respective ukulele sizes, so that the string tension is adapted to the instrument and you can achieve optimal playability and the best sound.

Strings for Violin
Both the core material and the wrapping shape the sound of a string and thus of the instrument. Steel strings are characterized by a powerful sound, silver wrapping, for example, ensures a warmer sound. Gut strings are valued primarily for their warmth and the ability to modulate their sound. Plastic or synthetic strings are available in different tonal characteristics. The bandwidth ranges from a powerful, brilliant sound spectrum to a tonal approximation of the gut string.

Strings for Cello
The different types of strings differ in terms of sound, tuning stability and lifespan. Gut strings are characterized by a soft, warm sound that can be modulated. Synthetic strings are available with different windings and strengths. Depending on the tone and sound that the instruments produce through the bows, a string in strong, medium or soft is used, with medium being the most common strength. Classic properties of steel strings are their insensitivity to temperature and humidity and their long service life.