Acoustic drums, snares and single toms

Acoustic Drums consists of drum shells covered with plastic heads and cymbals (metal washers). The cymbals and drums are mounted on stands or are attached with brackets so... [ More ]

Acoustic drum

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The drums

consists of drum shells covered with plastic skins and cymbals. The cymbals and drums are on stands or are attached to brackets so that they are easily accessible. The drums are played with wooden sticks. Instead of sticks, you can also play with “brooms” or “rods” to add that special something to the sound of the rhythm.

Buy drums:

Three crucial tips for making the right choice Before you decide on a drum kit, you should consider three important factors. Given the multitude of options, it is advisable to consider the following before purchasing:

Your experience level:

Are you a complete beginner or already an experienced drummer? Experienced drummers can make more targeted decisions based on their knowledge and already know what they are looking for. However, if you are still unsure whether drumming is your thing in the long term, you may find our savings sets a good option to get started inexpensively and find out whether the inner drummer is in you.

Your brand preferences:

A high-quality drum kit doesn't necessarily have to have a specific brand. Sonor drums are in no way inferior in quality to Pearl drums, for example, and these in turn can easily keep up with Yamaha or Tama drums. More experienced drummers may still prefer a brand that they have remained loyal to. However, this is by no means mandatory.

Special Requirements or Restrictions:

With a drum set, many settings are possible in terms of height and spacing. For this reason, there are no special left-handed drums, for example, as all components can be changed accordingly. This also applies to different body sizes. However, keep in mind that even a basic drum kit requires at least three square meters of space.

There is no THE drum kit.
The acoustic drum components can vary extremely and be adapted to the player, so that everyone can play the drums that are right for them. The drums vary from a small diameter, well suited for studios, to large drums, perfect for the stage with more power.