Service and Repair
at MSV Musik-Center


You have a device which is defect and you have bought it in our store?

If so, we please ask you to call us in advance or send the information by mail so we can discuss with you how to proceed.
Or, if possible, offer you a technical solution to the problem right away.
If the device is in spite of all defect, please send the device on following address:

M.S.V. Musik-Sound-Vertriebs GmbH
Wirtschaftsstraße 14
2201 Hagenbrunn

You are also welcome to bring the product directly in our store.

We will endeavor to repair your device as fast as possible.
Please expect a processing time of aprox. 2 - 3 weeks, because we have to return the devices to the producer if necessary.

Please not following aspects:
  • We do not accept unfree parcels
  • Please put an error description in the parcel
  • Please put an invoice copie in the parcel
  • For guarantee items you have to attach the invoice
Service im MSV Musik Center

Guitar Repair

The mechanics of your guitar are defective, do you want to correct the string position or the technology of your guitar is letting you down? Then just drop by and we will be happy to help you! We support you with every repair on your guitar. The price of the repair will be charged according to the effort involved. Unfortunately, we cannot help you with repairs that affect the wood.

String Change Service

A single string on your guitar broke or do you need a complete set of strings?
Just come by and we'll change the strings on your guitar!

String Change (6-String) 

€ 24,90  

The service includes the removal of the old strings, cleaning and maintenance of the guitar, stringing and tuning of the new strings.
plus the new strings

String Change (1-String)

€ 9,50 / Single String

plus the new strings

Windinstrument Service

The annual service of your wind instrument is due? We offer a service for all brass and woodwind instruments. The service takes about 5-7 business days!
To prices

You can reach us under...

MSV Musik-Center
Wirtschaftsstraße 14
2201 Hagenbrunn

Phone: +43 (0) 2246 28229