UV LED Lights

UV light with LED diodes is a special light that makes fluorescent colors (or neon colors) shine. White fabrics in particular absorb UV light and then emit it again as visible light... [ More ]

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UV lights, UV spots, and bars for parties, events, stages, and theaters

UV blacklight is an essential component of stage and effect lighting and is part of the fundamental equipment of lighting technology. Whether on a theater stage or in a traditional nightclub, the effect of making white and neon-colored materials and surfaces glow is still highly popular. 
Nowadays, blacklight events and activities like glow-in-the-dark mini-golf have also become established. In the past, UV spotlights were typically powered by special discharge lamps. However, UV fixtures with LEDs have become the standard today. 
In addition to their lower energy consumption, LEDs are known for their greater durability and robustness compared to the more delicate fluorescent tubes. 


In addition to their visual properties, UV LED lamps offer several economic benefits. Apart from their higher energy efficiency, resulting in significantly reduced energy consumption compared to traditional UV lamps, UV LEDs also generate less heat. Furthermore, they are characterized by an exceptionally long lifespan and are less sensitive to shocks and similar influences in practical use. 

UV bars, UV spots